Obnoxious Breaking News!  RentBoy Offices Have Been Raided, Largest Male Escort Service Shut Down

August 25, 2015


 Drug Dealers And Killers Strike Again……Federal agents raided the Manhattan headquarters of RentBoy.com as part of a money laundering and state prostitution investigation Tuesday, law enforcement sources tell news reporters New York. Seven people, including a high-ranking executive, were arrested as part of the RentBoy.com raid at the offices on 14th Street and Fifth Avenue, […]

Obnoxious Media Introduces Shawn Stinson A Transgendered Man That Is A Personal Trainer In Atlanta  

August 19, 2015


 Follow me on Twitter @WilliamGMcCray and Instagram @SirWilliamGMcCrayIII to keep up on the latest! Bruce Jenner, now known as Caitlyn Jenner has brought the TRANSGENDER agenda to the forefront of media in recent months. Recently we posted a story about a new web series called Eden’s Garden that will follow the lives of five trans […]

John Legend’s Wife Chrissy Teigen Posted His Naked Pic On Instagram 

August 18, 2015


   Follow me on Twitter @WilliamGMcCray and Instagram @SirWilliamGMcCrayIII to keep up on the latest!  Chrissy Teigen shared a photo of her husband John Legend’s butt on Instagram this evening.  Now why would she do such a thing beats us, but I guess they like it like that. We’re not exactly sure, but we believe […]

Pro Baller Bobby Maze And K.Michelle’s Ex Nude Pics Released

August 18, 2015


  Follow me on Twitter @WilliamGMcCray and Instagram @SirWilliamGMcCrayIII to keep up on the latest! This is another in case you missed it. We didn’t bother to research by back story on how these got released because c’mon, thats not why we’re here. What we can tell you is dude got busted sending his pic to […]

Bobbi Kristina Brown Memorial Service At St. James United Methodist Church In Alpharetta 

August 18, 2015


    Follow me on Twitter @WilliamGMcCray and Instagram @SirWilliamGMcCrayIII to keep up on the latest! August 1, 2015 Alpharetta – Spectators watch invited guests leave after the memorial service of Bobbi Kristina Brown outside the St. James United Methodist Church in Alpharetta on Saturday, August 1, 2015.     A hearse caring the casket of Bobbi […]

Rev. Dr. Amos Brown Pastor a of Third Baptist Church Sues To Keep 104 Families In Historic Freddie D. Haynes Gardens In San Francisco  

August 18, 2015


 Rev. Dr. Amos Brown, pastor of the Third Baptist Church and president of the San Francisco NAACP, denounces plans by a nonprofit formed by the church to develop and operate affordable housing at Frederick Douglass Haynes Gardens to now sell the development to speculators. He spoke at a news conference and rally outside Superior Court […]

Big Name Gospel Artist Becoming The Minister Of Music At Local Churches

August 18, 2015


 Follow me on Twitter @WilliamGMcCray and Instagram @SirWilliamGMcCrayIII to keep up on the latest! Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Great read submitted by a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee! Christians need to become more astute at determining the source of things. For instance: when you hear a song from a favorite […]


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