Inmate Debating Team Defeats Harvard in Exhibition Match

October 7, 2015


 Inmates at the Eastern New York Correctional Facility in the Catskills, participating in the Bard Prison Initiative. (Photo/  Three men imprisoned for violent crimes recently faced off against three members of the Harvard College debate team in an exhibition match. To some, the probable outcome may have seemed inevitable. But, in a shocking upset the […]

6 Men Beat And Killed Transgender Woman In Philadelphia 

October 6, 2015


 Drug Dealers And Killers Strike Again……Philadelphia police have asked for the public’s help in finding the men who attacked and killed a transgender woman in Logan in the wee hours of the morning Tuesday. Kiesha Jenkins, 22, of North Philadelphia, had been riding in a car that dropped her off at 13th and Wingohocking Streets […]

LeBron Addresses The Issues Of Violence In Cleveland  

October 6, 2015


   Drug Dealers And Killers Strike Again……Police are asking the public’s help for any information after a baby was shot and killed on Cleveland’s east side Thursday. Cleveland police confirmed a 5-month-old girl was shot in the chest during a shooting. The baby has been identified by the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner as Aavielle Wakefield […]

OBNOXIOUS REPORT!  Did Bishop Phillip Milton Davis of Nations Ford Community Church Commit Suicide Pending A Child MOLESTATION Investigation And Possible Charges?

October 5, 2015


 Follow me on Twitter @WilliamGMcCray and Instagram @SirWilliamGMcCrayIII to keep up on the latest!  OBNOXIOUS UPDATE!  Word coming out of Charlotte form members of our good Obnoxious Street Committee is that Bishop Phillip Milton Davis might not have shot himself on accident as reported.  It seems that Bishop Davis was being investigated for child MOLESTATION! […]

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Sleaze Bag Bishop Freddie B. Marshall Revealed–Sex And BASTARD Children By Two Sisters, Homosexual Relationships Discovered, ALLEGATIONS Of Fraud, Rape, And Child MOLESTATION 

October 4, 2015


 Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Obnoxious Media has conducted an investigation on Bishop Freddibe B. Marshall and the results of our findings is worst then a movie plot or a soap opera.  The things that this man has done on the Name of Christ is actually mind blowing.  Form having sexual affairs […]

Chicago Pastor Charged Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse Facing 7 Years In Prison 

October 3, 2015


 Follow me on Twitter @WilliamGMcCray and Instagram @SirWilliamGMcCrayIII to keep up on the latest! Everything Is Going Down, Bit The Word Of God meets Drug Dealers And Killers Strile Again……A longtime South Side pastor was charged with sexually abusing a 16-year-old girl in his office during a counseling session in 2014. Prosecutors said the alleged […]

OBNOXIOUS REPORT!  Producer Denies Young Thug, Kid Ink & Crew Were Watching Gay Porn, Says They Were Watching ‘Empire’

October 3, 2015


 Follow me on Twitter @WilliamGMcCray and Instagram @SirWilliamGMcCrayIII to keep up on the latest! Beatmonster Marc, the producer responsible for posting the video showing Young Thug & Kid Ink’s crew sitting around the studio watching what appears to be gay porn is speaking out. He says they weren’t watching porn, they just had ‘Empire’ on […]


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