What Kind Of New York Gangsters Does Hezekiah Walker Have In His Music Department? Craig Wiggins And His Lover Get Into Fight In Germany And Ronald Cummings Busted For Possession!

Posted on March 10, 2018


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……What kind of New York gangsters does Hezekiah Walker have on staff at his church and in his Love Fellowship Music Department.  Last year Obnoxious Media got reports that Chior Director Ronald Cummings was arrested for possession and now Craig Wiggins gets into a knockout drag out fight in Germany that lands him in the hospital.

It seems that Craig Wiggins allegedly got into a fight with a close friend and member of his choir New York Gospel Stars, Malik McClain that resulted in Craig being seriously injured and in the hospital and Malik in jail.  The two men are said to still be in Germany and not sure when they will make it back to the states.  Rumor has it that Craig suffered a serious head injury and might have him permanently paralyzed.  Obnoxious Media has not been able to find out the reason the two men got into a physical altercation, but rumors are suffering that the two might have been a couple and having a lovers quarrel.

Here is a note from a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee below:

Hezekiah Walker’s Minister of Music (Craig Wiggins) SERIOUSLY injured while in Germany touring… apparnetly got in a lover’s quarrel with another male singer, who was arrested and currently in jail in Germany. Details emerging… SMH

 Read what RP Online is reporting below:

Almost the long-planned event with the New York Gospel Stars in the Willibrordi-Dom on Wednesday evening would have been canceled because the boss and musical director Craig Wiggins had dropped out at short notice – especially in the jubilee year, because the choir will be ten years old in 2018 and Tour. As it was learned, Grammy award winner Wiggins (47) on Tuesday clashed with another choir musician in a Bochum hotel. Wiggins was then seriously injured hospitalized. The other party, Malik McClain (27) was arrested. The criminal police determined.

But even without the leader, there was a good, about two-hour show. The two singers Ahmed Wallace and Tyron Flowers and their four colleagues Matia Washington, Alison Mitchell, Latoya Duggan, and Brianna Turner provided a great singing experience. Pianist Eugene Reid accompanied the singers.

Both together, as well as soloists shone all. What the audience got to hear was already great, even though the choir had performed in over 82 cities. Pure love of life was combined with deep, expressive and religious thoughts. There was a well-thought-out selection of traditional and modern gospels, composed in the style of jazz and soul. In the first half of the concert, the group performed with their deep blue robes, while in the festive outfit after the break. The proximity to the audience was unique: it is important for the singers to convey the “Good News” to the people.

They brought people in with popular gospel songs like “Amen,” “Oh when the saints,” or “Oh Happy Day.” That made the concert even more emotional. Gorgeous solos such as the world hit sung by Ahmed Wallace and Tyron Flowers “I believe, I can fly” tore into applause storms. The clear tenor parts seemed light, soft and yet very flexible. Now the audience in Weseler Willibrordi Cathedral was fully present. It clapped, whistled and trampled. Enthusiasm for the solo of the youngest, Brianna Turner, who sang along for the first time. Quiet ballads and newer songs, which tore from the pews, made a round thing. More and more hands were now in the air, more and more was rhythmically mitgeklatscht and sung. That can only be the gospel music.

Obnoxious Media has discovered it is true that Craig Wiggins was in fact in Germany and his last Facebook status was Monday, March 5, 2018


 Back in August of last year the same member of my Obnoxious Street Committee brought it to out attention that Hezekiah Walker’s Chior Director, Ronald Cummings had been arrested.  It seems that he was stopped by the police for a traffic violation and a gun was some how discovered.  All of the details on why Ronald was stopped and how the police found out about the loaded gun he had was difficult to find out.  However, Bishop Hezekiah Walker is said to have bonded out Ronald and accompanied him to court.  It seems that the case was later dismissed.

Read the text message from the member of my Obnoxious Street Committee below:

Hey do you know Ronald Cummings, Hez’s Chior Director.  You did a story on his wedding and all the shouting awhile back, he was in court last week on gun charges…(caught with an illegal loaded gun) Hez was there and many from the church. I’m trying to find out what happened…

Obnoxiois Media will keep you posted on new developments as we get more information.  We have reached out to all parties involved and have not heard back from anyone prior to making this post.