Billy Graham Dead At 99!

Posted on February 21, 2018


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Obnoxious Breaking News!  Billy Graham has died at 99 years old. Although he is known as a great evangelist, he also preached to segregated audiences in the south during the civil rights movement. When Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote the letter from Birmingham jail, it was Billy Graham who refused to support and march with him in the fight against Jim Crow. An EVANGELICAL, he has left a legacy of his son (rev) Franklin Graham who is a Trump supporter.

This comment was so well stated it had to be included in the post below:

I wasn’t gonna say anything, but y’all know me by now. I’ve been torn about folks, especially people of color, ignoring the FULL history of Billy Graham. Sure he was a popular preacher who traveled the globe evangelizing; however, he was silent on racism for many years, preached at segregated crusades and told Dr. King the march on Washington wasn’t a good idea. Even though he later said things that suggested being a racist wasn’t right, He was NOT critical of systemic racism and King told him. Graham felt if he just got folks converted things would take care of themselves – but be clear, the KKK identifies as Christian! When laws are constructed to oppress people, you have to preach against those laws! And if his son, Franklin Graham is any indication of the families position on racism, they have a lot of work to do! You can’t preach Jesus and not preach Justice! Happy Saturday!

Billy Graham played both sides on the issue of racial justice, promoting the practice in theory, but never taking a consistent or forthright stand. He never used his considerable influence with those at the highest levels of business and government to fight injustice. Billy Graham 

considered Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. to be a friend. He wrote an influential article for the Reader’s Digest in 1960 deploring segregation in our churches and quoted Dr. King. Later he urged King to put the brakes on after several 

demonstrations to do so, he Graham made it easy for millions of evangelicals to resist racial justice and still call themselves Christian. The same is true today as Graham’s son, Franklin_Graham has followed suit. We can’t dispute Graham’s kingdom work. It’s vividly clear he did the work of a General in the Army of God winning Millions of souls to Christ. Let us never forget our God given assignments.