Sir William G. McCray III Best Dressed Dressed/Worst Dressed Of The 110th Holy Convocation Of The Church Of God In Christ 

Posted on January 1, 2018


 I know you all have been waiting on my Best Dressed/Worst Dressed picks for the 110th Holy Convocation so here goes.  It was not until I mentioned on my live that I was going to do a fashion police segment all the little bloggers that want to be me came out with their list and they all were awful.  Note that you have to work your look from head to toe!  However, I am thee Sir William and here is my list and last blog post of the year! 


Bella looks amazing!  Everything is just right.  This black St. John is classic with the red fox is completely right.


  Here we have Bella once again in one of my favorite looks of the week.  She is a great example of how a curvy girl can rock and be absolutely stunning.


This young Lady right her killed it on Official Day!  Although, the dress is too short for a sanctified church the train makes up for it being over the knee.  The fox hat was the perfect touch to complete the total look.


Simply elegant!  Black knit hat compliments her dress perfectly!


Classy mature woman in a custom look that was just right.  Not too much the stones and pattern is lovely!


You have to get up early in the morning to out Aunt Ella.  The ideal COGIC woman that always does it right.


Aunt Ella and Pearl Hill leading the pack!  Keshia looks good standing with them, But is coming along with her custom brand.


The silver hair crew, flawless in fur!  Peggy Moales in the whisky mink has been dressing as long as I have been alive!  Aunt Ella again and Aunt Pat looking good.

   Now this is a beautiful young lady that shows you that you do not have to be lit up like a Christmas Tree to look great.  The color block dress was right!  

Merlot with a hit of powder blue is gorgeous and she is another example of a curvy girl that rocks it.


This knit is right and the hat compliments it perfectly!  Great job!

   Sis Lou is always on point in the St. John cape was hot and the lady in waiting with her is nice as well.  However, if Lou wears this hat that she buried her late husband Gilbert in one more time.  It is nice but it is time to retire this hat!

  The monochromatic black custom dress is flawless.  The fascinator is perfect with the flowers on the sleeve.  Only complaint is the hair should have been totally pulled back with the bun on the back of her head.  The hair in the face is fighting with the fascinator.
    She looks good and she knows it!  The dress is incredible no hat needed and the simple ponytail is the perfect accent.  Let the dress and not shape talk!

   “Do you know where you going to, do like the things that life is showing you?”  This Diana Ross in the movie Mahogany themed dress is so unique.

Now fasten your seatbelts for the worst looks of the convocation!  Most of these ladies thought they were on point, but they were actually wrong!


So she obviously did not realize the Kelly Green hat and the Emerald green dress that looks like it was made in the kitchen with those brown sleeves is horrible!

    This curvy girl is the perfect example of why you need good foundation garments.  This Forever 21 party dress is not appropriate for Official Day.  The pose is as wrong as the too big hat and hat pin with this little earrings s just wrong.  The idea she was going for would have been cute but this cheap dress and wrong accessories is awful.

  This Mother and Daughter right here are wrong!  The Donna Summersequin dress looks like something from the thrift store.  Mother the dress and the cape is too much and looks like you are ready to fly away.  The hat is cocked to far and the hair and the hat is too much not to mention he awful shoes.


Here she comes again!  The idea of the dress is cute, but poorly executed.  The collar, bow, and the gathering of material in the midsection is the worst and highlights the flaws in her shape.

     What in the world?  She looks like the little girl that was playing dress up in her mother’s closet.  The hat, sleeves, and colors are all at war with each other.

     Mother the hat is flipped to far and the outfit highlights all of the areas that need to be hidden!    This might would have worked if it was black!  The hair and the the fascinator is way to much!

  Oh Gawd!  This ribbon dress is a disaster!  Spring colors in winter and the ha and hair is a mess.  Burn this whole awful outfit!

   Another example of a Dress that is drawing attention to all the wrong thing in her figure.  Legs like stove pipes makes it look like her feet are running over her shoes and the hair and pose is awful!

This is over the top and way to much that is horrible!  That huge bow and satin is to much and wrong and shoes are totally off.  She made my best Dressed and Worst Dressed in the same weeks!  


This dress actually lit up and sparkled.  The wide hips are made to look huge due to the skirt at the bottom.  Just wrong and way to much going on all at one time!


Why are you in a dreadful Ball gown at church?  Is it that serious that you are wearing formal attire to a church service.  Perhaps if the gown was actually nice she could have gotten a pass.  


So you are wearing your mother or grandmother’s St. John and hat.  This outfit is far to old for a young girl.  It was much better on Sis Lou six years ago below:


This dated St. John and formal skirt to the floor is a lot for a church service at 10 in the morning.  The cheap hat and necklace is the worst.  Plus the is cocked to far and the bun to the side is a mess!


What is this on her head?


Custom that highlights all the flaws in her finger.  The hair and hat is awful and just wrong!

    This hat looks like something out of The Hunger Games!  It looked better when she rocked it a few years back with a custom knit, But with this dress made out of material that could be used for drapes or a bed spread.  What the difference a day makes, last year she was one of my best dressed picks.