Stellar Award Winning Gospel Artist James Hall Sued By Alleged Ex-Lover Jeffery Thomas: Lawsuit Makes Claims Of Sex, Lies, Viedo Tapes, Handcuffs, Big Sticks, And STDs

Posted on December 23, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well I tried to hold my peace and let the Lord fight my battle, but I just have got to step from behind my pew and testify.  I said I was not going to tell nobody, but I could not keep it to myself.  As a blogger and one of the first to cover the Black Church and many of the secrets that church leadership would rather remain hidden.  It is difficult to have to report on friends when issues arise in their lives. However, to maintain credibility at times you have no choice, but to do the hard thing and address the issue at hand. Most of us knew that something very serious was brewing with this James Hall and Jeffery Thomas situation, but we did not know to what degree it would actually come to fruition. It is baffling that James would sue a man that he knew had a loaded gun full of ammunition that he willing gave him that could one day be used to destroy him at his own hands. Unfortunately, James Hall must have been blinded by love and made some very serious errors in judgement. For years James Hall has kept a good reputation and out of serious scandal until now. It was only one incident before the world of Social Media that comes to mind of and alleged ex-boyfriend that was put out of his choir that came to a rehearsal and attacked James. Some say the guy hit James and knocked out a couple of his teeth, but no one could seem to confirm that story. Hot gossip has always been apart of my life and church experiences way before I made very lucrative living from it. The fight with James was like the rumor of the fight that Hezekiah Walker and John P. Kee had years ago back stage at a concert that the two Gospel Giants was headlining and each wanted to be the finale.   Members of the Gospel and Church elite will recall these incidents, but if you are just a lay member then most likely these things got by you. However, those of us in the know have major stories to tell.

 Now I have promised to lift up my voice like a Trumpet in Zion and cry aloud and spare not. I have broken most of the major stories on scandal in the church right Her on my Obnoxious Blog or on my radio or talk shows having broke most of all the major scandals in the Black Church and with a proven track record if I do not cover it then it really does not matter. Now this was brought to my attention and it is going to knock your socks off. James Hall and Kevin Bond filed a false lawsuit earlier this year that they had to know was totally untrue. Early on Bishop Jeffery Miles Thomas came to me with his story, but seemed to have been playing some type of game. He in the course of phone conversations would make hints without being clear of just who he was talking about and certainly was not indicating it was him.  I now know Jeffery was crying out then to live his truth and tell his story, but did not know how to expose a beloved Gospel Artist. The photo of him in the bed with no shirt on with James Hall went viral. Leaked by Jeffery in an attempt to force James out of the closet. Much to Jeffery’s dismay James is beloved in the church and seemingly he was not believable and just a jilted lover. The Black Church has a way like we do in our families of slightly acknowledging our mess. You know Uncle Bubba was a molester, but no one said anything and at the end of the day he was family and you do not turn your back of family. Well, same with the Black Church, you know Bishop likes boys, but we would never tell on one of our own beloved. Back in the day church whores (male and female) had some class and some decorum that kept them in their place. Now these hoes want you to know she is a hoe and if it is a boy he wants to be large and in charge instead of sitting his ass down and providing his sexual accommodations in private they want to be and adjutant, elder, or in some type of church leadership position.  This provides an excuse to always have your side piece around before the people. Plus some of these so called Men of God have allowed their sexual desires to make them nothing more than a common tricks.  
  The Late Bishop Young Boy Booty Licking Eddie Lee Long became the greatest example of a common trick in the church. Fueled by lust and desire to have freak sessions at every available opportunity he developed a non-profit for young boys so he could groom them to be his choice picks. Everyone around him knew and trued their head and allowed it because he was a Man of God and did so much good. Now here we are with the same story, but different characters. Jeffery Thomas is telling the world that James Hall is nothing more than a church trick that has used his church money and so called church celebrity status to freak with men. According to the lawsuit filed by Jeffery he is alleging that James was engaged sexual trysts constantly sexing from janitors to pastors and everything in between and even using his choir funds and Citadel church accounts to pay for it.  James was an equal opportunity trick and it did not matter if you was rick or poor as longs as you had a big stick and handcuffs.  In the lawsuit filed by Jeffery he names at least eight men that he is aware of James Hall was allegedly having sex with while they were in a two year love affair. Everything seems to be quite believable except Jeffery Thomas saying that he was an openly gay man. According to members of my Obnoxious Street Committee, Jeffery Thomas was a Bishop and Pastor of a small congregation and was not out at all until he found himself in New York and no longer wanted to live a lie. It seems that the two men maintained a private relationship and love affair that was lavish at the expense of the church. Continuously flying to North Carolina or sending for Jeffery to come to New York, James was paying a hunk and a chuck to be with his man and give him a first class lifestyle at the expense of his choir and church. Like most church tricks they know it is understood they have to take good care of their hoe so they will keep their mouth shut. Liking nice things and always wanting be important and a so called VIP that everyone knows is nothing more than a church toss up that is passed around like a good joint has been articulated in this horrific lawsuit that has been filed in open court. The most intimate and private details of these men lives has been expose and Jeffery is even exposing his naked self in order to make James Hall admit to the world he is gay and was in a relationship with him. Rather he gets James to confess his number of video and photos prove that Jeffery was telling the true all along. 
 For years we have wondered what was the bond between James Hall and Kevin Bond, many questioned if it was an authentic friendship, if they were lovers, or did one of them have information on the other that kept them so close. Well now we know according the lawsuit that Jeffery has filed James and Kevin was once in a love affair and were now just friends, but seem to pass men back and forth among each other and Kevin’s brother. Perhaps it was a safe way for Kevin to approach men with out letting his tea be known so he would just move up on James’ sloppy seconds. Now what his interesting is that Jeffery does not mind telling the truth about himself as he brings James and Kevin to their knees (no pun intended) when he admitted to having sex with Kevin’s brother Edison, who is also a defendant in this lawsuit. The two men had and encounter at Edison’s job in his office. Now here is where it gets good and messy with the list of men that have been outed in this vicious process of exposing James, Kevin, and Edison. Obnoxious will call the roll: Marcus, Philly, Pastor Daryl H., Tyrel S., Marcus K., Philly W., Lawrence “Lucky” W., it is not clear if Marcus and Philly are the same or if they are two different men. However, what is clear is that James and Kevin used church funds to finance their lascivious behavior with men. To think that church tithes and offerings was used to fly their lover in and out of town and take him on an international trip to Italy is most troubling. Kevin must be required to give an account to the Citadel of Praise and Worship Church of funds in question during this love affair with James Hall.  Kevin is said to even given expensive gifts to Jeffery to win his affection.  

  The New York church crew is known to be gangster and even if they are gay or straight they like to take to the street and fight. Over the years we have heard of countless rumors of fights and altercations, but attempted murder is a bit extreme. Jeffery is alleging that James Hall called and invited him to church on this past Easter to set him up to be jumped and Lucky who is named as one of the men James was having sex with during their relationship asked him what the f*ck he was doing at the church and even chased him with a baseball bat. 
  “If anybody ask you what’s the matter with Jeffery?” He’s running for his life! 
At least he was on Sunday, April 16, 2017, he had to run to escape that old fashioned New York ass whipping that Kevin and Lucky was going to administer on him. Now it remains to be determined if James was passing around STDs like they were Holy Communion or not, but Jeffery is making the claim that James Hall knowingly and willingly had unprotected oral and anal sex with Jeffery and he contracted Syphilis from James as a direct result. Now if some of these other men also contracted the STD as well. Rumors are flying that Jeffery has something far more serious going on with him than Syphilis and he says that he has cancer now if it is an AIDS induced or not we do not know, but it is a well known fact that something very serious is going on with Jeffery medically and it is most obvious from his photos on social media. New York and the church world is in an uproar over this on and no one can seem to defend James or Kevin with the proof that Jeffery is providing. The lawsuit states that he has over 100 photos and videos and possibly a sex tape. Now sure if it is true, but these two men might not be able to survive being caught in the very act. To see James or Kevin in a sexual encounter would be devastating. 
  It was beyond stupid for these men to commit perjury and file a false lawsuit knowing that Jeffery had irrefutable proof that he was in a relationship with James for over two years. It would have been better for them to have paid him a hunk and a chunk to go away rather then to have to be striped naked before that world and still have to pay in the end. It is a possibility that this all might play out in a jury trail before an open court, but “God Is In Control” and that is just what it is going to take to get them out of o this one is a God. Hopefully Kevin raised enough money at his anniversary gala to live off of if his members walk off and leave him. It is funny that he was so worried about the lifestyles of the cliental of his customers that were purchasing his Bonded hats when he as secretly participating in the very things he was accusing them of all along. Members of my Obnoxious Street Committee say that Kevin began to back away from his hat line due to some of his best customers lifestyles being questioned and his aspirations of being consecrated a bishop. He should have pushed the hat line and not cared about what the perception of the men buying them because he was doing the same thing and even paying for it. Hopefully Kevin can out live this and become Bishop Bond after all and James just might get the reality show he has been wanting as a result of this scandal.

 Read the lawsuit filed by Jeffery Miles Thomas against James Hall, Kevin Bond, Edison Bond, Citadel Church below: