Bishop Darick Favors Death Raises Eyebrows Due To His Body Discovered In A Trap With Drugs And Sex Toys In The Room

Posted on December 23, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……The man has not even been laid to rest yet and more ugly details are coming out about his death. Members of my Obnoxious Street Committee have made several trips to the Star Motel and the owner has informed us that Bishop Darick Favors frequented their establishment. Favors was known as a regular there and would often come in suits as if he was coming from church. On the Sunday Night he checked into the room he was not alone, but with a couple other men. It was discovered that Bishop Favors was found dead face down on the floor naked. The owner of the hotel stated that the latch was not on the door in the inside of the room, which implies that someone must have left the room when Favors died. The footage from the security cameras has been turned over to the police to investigate who was with him at the time of his death and if he could have possibly not died if he received medical attention in time.   

Bishop Darick Favors checked in the Start Motel on Sunday Night and his body was not found until Wednesday, but it is said that people started mentioning on Social Media that he was dead as early as Tuesday. The investigator, Brian Tabor is said to have confirmed with the Obnoxious Street Committee that the good Bishop was discovered naked face down on the floor with sex toys and used condoms in the room. Drugs and drug paraphernalia was also said to have been in the room, but the death was not yet determined. Dallas police and not treating this as a homicide so no very aggressive approach is being taken. It is said that Bishops Favors may have died due to a drug overdose and the combination of using and hallucinate inhalant popular among adult sexual activity to enhance the sexual arousal that speeds that heart rate and is extremely dangerous when combined with other drugs or alcohol.   
Rumor has it that his wife called the Star Motel seral times, but they would not give her his room. She was connected to his room in effort to get him to come home, which is nothing more than speculation. There are a great deal of unanswered questions as it relates to this very bazaar death of such a promising pastor.  

The Saints are speculating on Social Media check it out below:

A email sent to Obnoxious Media by someone claiming to have dated Bishop Favors:

I was dating darick and when we were together we would do powder and we would go to his office at the bank of America but other than that he was the most incredible person in the whole world.