First Lady Of Abundant Life Church And Lucas County Commissioner Laura Lloyd Jenkins Indicted For Obstruction Of Justice In Her Husband Cordell Jenkins Sex Trafficking Investigation 

Posted on December 16, 2017


  Just in……A member of my Obnoxious Street Committee has collected some more details and attended Laura’s hearing yesterday.  It seems that she was aware of her husband’s sexual encounters with these young girls and even met with one of them and her mother.  It is not clear at this time if she was meeting to pay them to hush up or to get more information on her cheating husband.  However, due to her still being in the marriage and a possible flight risk we think she might have met with one of the girl’s and her mother to try and make this go away.  Laura was non-elected city officials and one of the highest paid until she recently stepped down in the mist of this scandal.  According to the courts Cordell was not only having sex with under age girls, but he was recording his sexual encounters with his cell phone that has led to even more charges.

In our previous reports it was stated that Laura was experiencing some health challenges and was in LA getting treatment when her husband was arrested.  Not sure if this was indeed the case or a way she was trying to get out of the line of Fire.  According to the member of my Obnoxious Street Committee it seems that Laura was setting a plan in place for her and her husband to leave the country, but he was arrested prior to her getting the plan executed.  Hard to image a a pastor and wife eating their church and the country, but they just might have to escape all they are dealing with now.  

 Cordell Jenkins was the pastor of Abundant Life Church and was one of the strongest supporters of Marvin Winans and his fellowship.  It seems that Cordell had one of the largest churches in Marvin’s organization at the time time of his arrest.  Since all of this has been exposed Marvin Winans has taken over the church and renamed it to Perfecting Toledo and is serving as the pastor.  

 Read additional details provided by the member of my Obnoxious Street Committee below:

I have a few more details on this case, she had a hearing yesterday. 

Apparently Laura Jenkins (who was recently fired as the Lucas County Administrator) had conversations with some of the victims before her husband was ever charged because she found text in his phone. Laura Jenkins met one of the girls and her mother at a local restaurant, it’s unclear rather she was trying to hush them up or get more information. She got wind of her husband being investigated and had planned for the two to leave the country, but Cordell was arrested before she could follow through. So essentially she knew about this way before the news broke and tried to cover it up. 

Laura was one of the highest paid non-elected officials in Lucas county. Their church Abundant Life Church, has now been renamed Perfecting Toledo and is pastored by Bishop Marvin Winans. 

Two weeks after being fired by the Lucas County Commissioners, former county administrator Laura Lloyd-Jenkins was arrested Friday on federal charges alleging she interfered in a child sex trafficking investigation involving her husband.

Ms. Lloyd-Jenkins, 43, of Toledo, who also formerly was a board member with the county’s Children Services Board, was indicted by a federal grand jury for obstructing a sex trafficking investigation and making a false statement.
Mike Tobin, spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, said FBI agents arrested her Friday afternoon and she appeared in U.S. District Court before Judge Jack Zouhary.

Ms. Lloyd-Jenkins pleaded not guilty to both charges during her arraignment Friday. Judge Zouhary ordered her held in the Lucas County jail pending a detention hearing Thursday. Her pretrial was set for Jan. 8.
She appeared subdued as she was led into the courtroom in handcuffs. She made no statement during the arraignment beyond answering questions from the judge.
Stevin Groth, her defense lawyer, declined to comment after the proceeding.
Michael Freeman, an assistant U.S. attorney, said after the proceeding, “The grand jury has found probable cause to both of these charges and we look forward to seeing this process through.”
The charges stem from an FBI investigation last spring that led to the indictment of the Rev. Cordell Jenkins, 47, the Rev. Anthony Haynes, 38, and, subsequently, the Rev. Kenneth Butler, 37, for sex trafficking of children and production of child pornography.
Federal prosecutors allege the three men sexually assaulted a girl who was just 14 when the activity began in 2014. It is alleged that some of the crimes occurred at Mr. Jenkins‘ church, Abundant Life Ministries, and at Mr. Haynes‘ church, Greater Life Christian Center.
According to a superceding indictment filed Friday, Ms. Lloyd-Jenkins obstructed the investigation by notifying a defendant — presumably her husband — of the forthcoming investigation between March 29 and April 12.
She also is accused of making false statements April 12 to law enforcement officers “by lying and misrepresenting the nature, depth, and scope of her knowledge” of the sex trafficking conspiracy, the indictment states.
In July, county commissioners suspended Ms. Lloyd-Jenkins without pay for two weeks after a federal court hearing in which an FBI agent testified that she was made aware of her husband’s alleged crimes at least a week before his arrest on April 7.
Ms. Lloyd-Jenkins had also been secretary of the Lucas County Children Services Board at the time of her husband’s arrest. She subsequently took a leave from that board and later resigned.
Commissioners then placed her on paid administrative leave beginning Aug. 1 and terminated her Nov. 28.
Board President Pete Gerken said Friday that commissioners were unaware charges would be brought against Ms. Lloyd-Jenkins. He reiterated what he said when she was fired.
“Commissioners released her from employment because we felt she was no longer the right person to represent the county in the highest non-elected position,” he said.
She was hired as county administrator in March, 2013. Prior to that, she had worked in administrative positions in Alameda County, California for 11 years.
The three pastors are being held in jail pending trial. The next hearing in their case is scheduled for Jan. 8 before Judge Zouhary.