Sir William G. McCray, III Best Dressed Worst Dressed Of The 109th Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Holy Convocation:  Oh When The Saints Go Marching In!!!

Posted on December 10, 2017


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So you think you can dress!  Last year I never highlighted some of the Saints that did it right and the ones that should have just stayed home.  As the man that is the essence of style, class, and fashion it is my duty to celebrate those that do it right and ones that need improvement.  Note you must pull off your look from head to toe.  Everything has got to be in place:  hair, makeup, shoes, and foundation garments to be a member of my best dressed.  It is nothing worst then seeing someone with a sharp outfit with the wrong shoe or rolls, lumps, and bumps showing due to not having on good foundation garments. 
You all are not going to be able to take the list coming for 110th Holy Convocation this year.  Some of your favorites dropped the ball and we will remind them that every time you step out you must be on point period.  Additionally, repeat at home when attending your local church, but not at national meetings Saints!

You still have time to submit your photos to be considered at as soon as possible.  Here we go!  Make sure you have on your seatbelts because I am going to take you on a bumpy ride!

Starting with my dear sister, Lady Tiara Evans, who was stunning last year on Official Day in this red and black St. John with a black wide brim velvet hat.  The look was head to toe perfection!  Way to go sis.

A true COGIC Diva and Living Legend Karen Clark Sheard was flawless last year in this black and white ribbon coat and hat.  Due to the jacket being busy it was a great choice to have a solid black medium brim hat.  The strapy sling back shoe complimented the theme of her jacket.  She looks amazing standing next to her man, Bishop John Drew Sheard, General Board Member.

Two preaching women!  We love Renee Winston and Ruby Holland Huttchis, but they did not dress as well as they preach on this night.  We will see what you ladies do next meeting!

This is wrong on so many levels!  Do not do wide brim on a wide flowing dress.  The up turn of the brim is wrong the hat pen has just flopped just like her look.  Her beads have moved on each side of her breast and it is a mess!  

This look says it all.  We do not know who this mystery is but she is bad!  The knit is lovely and compliments the yellow and  fuchsia feathered fascinator.  The only issue is her choice of hanky.   She should have stopped by Mother Bestie Stalworth’s booth, she makes the basest hankys in the country.  A black with fuchsia lace would have been killer!

The Lovely Lady Bella and I on Official Day!  In a velvet tea length dress with a 40s theme was gorgeous! Bella is the perfect example of a curvy girl that knows how to work.  As you can see this is a full dress so the hat needed to be understated as if was perfectly!

Rich in color!  Brother and sister are perfect examples of style, class, and intelligence!  Send in your submissions to for Best Dressed/ Worst Dressed of the 110th Holy Convocation!