Busted!  Grammy Award Winning Gospel Singer Le’Andria Johnson’s Husband Michael Underwood Comes Forward And Has Not Been Allowed To See His Son In Eight Years!!!

Posted on December 6, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……A man claiming to still be legally married to Le’Andria Johnson by the name of Michael Underwood reached out to Obnoxious Media on September 29, 2016.  Due to the overwhelming number of emails and inbox messages his communication went unanswered until the later part of October.  Michael expressed his frustration on not being grated a divorce by Le’Andria and her not allowing him to see their son.  In fact Micheal expressed that he had not seen him since he was eight months old.  The alleged husband of the Grammy Award Winning Gospel Singer shared he has been trying to get this resolved for eight years and has gone broke attempting to battle his wife legally.  According to Micheal he is homeless and living in his car just to finance his legal battle.  During our several phone conversations with Michael he was very anxious to have this story told as soon as possible, but I consistently expressed to him some serious concerns that would determine if we moved forward or not.  Michael said he never understood why Le’Andria left him other than she wanted to be with someone that was in the music industry and could assist in moving her career forward.  According to Micheal he originally met Le’Andria’s mother and not the singer.  He met a older, but attractive woman at the grocery store and they exchanged numbers.  The two of them only had friendly conversations and Micheal made several request to take the married First Lady out that always fell on deaf ears.  It was not until later when Micheal started dating Le’Andria and met her parents that he realized the older woman that had captured his eye prior to his now wife is his mother-in-law and pastor’s wife.  Laughing while explaining how uncomfortable he was when he met his in laws and that it was a secret he and his mother-in-law have kept all these years.

  Michael Underwood reached out to Obnoxious Media to tell his story.  The man seems to be sincere, broken, frustrated, and at the end of his rope.  According to him all he wants is a legal divorce and to be able to see his son.  He stated that he has watched his son grow up on Social Media and never had any interaction with him.  Plus he feels that Le’Andria and Forrest, her current husband or livein boyfriend, are unfit parents and he was custody of his son.  In his words Forrest cannot teach his son nothing and should not even be around him since he is not handling his responsibilities with his son on a story we here Obnoxious Media broke about his child in New Jersey.  Michael says it has been one excuse after another of why Le’Andria is dodging him and will not be served.  Mostly recently he tried to serve her at a Ricky Dillard concert at William Murphy’s church, but security intervened and again it was a failed effort, by Le’Andria husband.  Obnoxious Media has had some serious run ins with Michael, who gets very anger when questioned about his motives and why did he wait and allow this to go on for eight years.  During one of our conversations we asked if he had been incarcerated and that was the reason for the amount of time he allowed this lie to continue so long.  Michael Underwood went off and began to raise his voice and stated cursing about the question.  We later hit a negative impasse when we found out he drove to Atlanta to tell his story to a transgender pornographey actor on Facebook Live.  Now we are not casting judgement, but we could not help to question him on who he chose to break his story since he claims he was so concerned about his son.  Now Robert Hatcher, who is Le’Andria Johnson’s manager claims he does not know Michael and any of his claims and constant rushed off the phone.  Not this is not the first time Robert Hatcher has denied things that later came out to be true by Le’Andria herself.  Now we are not sure what is really going on her and it seems to be some serious issues with the story on both sides, but what is real is that Le’Andria is still legally married to Michael Underwood.  Since the so called Facebook Live interview Le’Andria’s camp has reached out and is granting him the divorce finally.  However, it seems he has gotten some type of payoff because the man that was shouting his story and was so desperate he went to a porn actor in claims to get access to his son to not talking at all is questionable at best.  

The very night Michael tired to have Le’Andria served we saw her and took pictures, but it was not the time and place to ask her such serious questions about her personal life.  Le’Andria has been the subject of a great deal of articles here at Obnoxious Media and they have been extremely critical, but it seems as of late the troubled Gospel Artist has been trying to make an effort to live what she sings about now.  We have reached out to her attorney, who has yet to respond.  Hopefully Le’Andria and Michael can reach an agreement and do what is best for their son.  Now this has been no cakewalk for Michael and according to himhe made several appeals to Bishop Johnson his former pastor and current father-in-law, who told him he would never go against his daughter to help him.  Michael says her father was responsible for a ride with him and his sons that got violent and they allegedly dumped him out of the car in the middle of nowhere telling him to leave Le’Andria alone.  One of the sons was later killed due to a drug deal gone bad according to Michael.  All of this is so ungodly and almost unbelievable if it was Le’Andria Johnson that we are talking about due to her past interactions.

Checkout all of the documentation provided to Obnoxious Media by Michael Underwood to support his claims below:

how are you doing today Mr McCray..my name is Michael Underwood and I am leandria johnson real husband…i know it’s slot to take in but please I need your help with this matter…i have proof of everything I’m gonna tell you if you reply..our marriage is online go to Sanford Florida state record’s and also look at Fullerton county Georgia courthouse I have my petition online with court date..shes been ducking and dodging our situation for some years now..i don’t have her money but soon I have to let my 2nd attorney in this matter go because I’m going homeless just to keep him..seriously….im her 2nd husband father of her son DOONK…which she committed adultery and had a baby with Forrest walker which told me I couldn’t see my son without his permission and I haven’t seen him since he was 8months..ive been reaching out for 7yrs even run into her parents and friends once in a while to ask them to give her the message of divorce and the need to be in my son’s life he’s 8yrs old now…ive only gotten to watch him grow up on her Facebook and other social networks…i never wanted to make this public but we have been trying to serve her almost a year straight just this year alone and we even contracted her lawyer so she can acknowledge service and I have a mountain of proof on a number of things about leandria johnson..its not fair to me I gotta keep my life secret and can’t enjoy dating because the person I date wants a husband and I a wife but can’t give because of my situation….shes not married to Forrest walker at all I even got in my petition bigamy and adultery…no one I reach out to which is pastors and Christian radio won’t help they just say pray on it lol I do that everyday I really need help getting this out so it will perhaps bring her to court finally..thank you Mr McCray and God bless you..you can reach me at 321-830-8424…or ..underwoodmike360@underwoodmike360@yahoo.com..my name is Michael Underwood hit me up anytime