Rev. Dr. Donald Morton’s Jump Off DaiShawn Broadwater Sex Tape Revealed Plus Donald Puts His Soon To Be Ex-Wife Out Of Tabernacle Full Gospel Cathedral—Warning Adult Content Do Not Enter If You Are Easily Offended!!!

Posted on November 26, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God…………Rev. Dr. Donald Morton and his wife Lady Nicole Morton are divorcing after six years of marriage. A member of the Obnoxious Street Committee has submitted a smoking hot report on Donald Morton, who has been on a fast track to soon be bishop in Full Gospel. However, his getting a divorce might slow his elevation down and and force him to face some tough reality.  

Rumor has it that Donald might be a bit of a Mr. Don Juan and has been busy with the ladies just as much as he has been at the church and community work. It is said that he has maintained three dealing with three women, one who is also married while he is on his second marriage. Seems that Donald might have been getting the short end of the stick with his first wife, who according to a source close to the situation did not mind spreading her love around.  

Read the letter sent by a member of the Obnoxious Street Committee close to the situation below:

The Pastor has been busy having multiple affairs on his second wife Nicole. Three affairs, one with a married woman Daishawn Broadwater and another confirmed affair with the second biggest whore in Wilmington Sherrell Murphy. Sherrell is the second biggest whore because Donald’s former wife Waynna Dobson is the biggest whore out there. She participated in numerous affairs throughout their fourteen year marriage which is why people gave him a pass for cheating on his first wife. We understood why and how he could stray but we can’t understand why he would step out on his wife Nicole. There is a third person however I need to get more confirmation; I only have one source for the third affair, although she is another ratchet mess, I don’t want to ruin someone’s reputation over a rumor.

Lady Nicole hasn’t confirmed any of the rumors about the affairs, but she doesn’t have to because it’s all over town and Dr. Donald Morton is the one running his trap trying to play defense in the matter but is only making himself look more guilty. He is implying that Lady Nicole was confrontational and mean and that’s why he cheated. We haven’t seen that in her at all at, as a matter of fact-we see the complete opposite. 

Cheater #1-Mrs. DaiShawn Broadwater (seen in the red shirt)- is reportedly having problems in her own marriage now as a result of the affair with Dr. Donald. Her husband didn’t take to kindly to his wife’s involvement with the Pastor.

Things are heating up again and it seems that one of the alleged women that Donald Mortong is said to have been sleeping with is getting around with men and women according to the email below:

I pray you keep your word and me and this email stay anonymous, and notify me when the story drops. Her husband Herbert Broadwater doesn’t deserve this, he’s a kind man heavily involved in his church and community who forgave Dr Donald. She’s a filthy whore sleeping with men and women and apparently the entire city of wilmington! You can lookup Delorean on facebook, the guy she’s kissing is Desmond Kirton, the women is her long time lesbian lover Alisha Congo I don’t know who the other two sleeping guys are and the instagram screenshots are from the minister of music at the church she attends with her husband and family! Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                   Waynna is certainly not the biggest whore in Wilmington Delaware anymore, Daishawn Broadwater is and here is the proof. Her husband Herb Broadwater has been supportive and understanding since your story published about Dr. Donald, trying to fix his marriage but she’s still running the streets being a whore. He’s involved in the church and community and she’s dragging him and his name through the muck and mire, and rumor has it he suffered a minor heart attack because there’s a video of her masturbating being circulated around their church. I tried to break down the pictures for you and make it as easy for you to use what you want or what you need, but please don’t include my identity or this document. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.Pictures 1-6 are Instagram messages between daishawn and one of the ministers of music at her church Cornerstone fellowship baptist where I’m sure pastor Dunnigan won’t be pleased. She’s 41 the boy is 23 and as you can read she pursued him
7-10 are all her side chick photos. Seems the only way she can get a picture with those people is when they’re sleep. Every one of them are different people and all the date stamps are between March 2017 – present. The two I can positively identify are 9 which is her long time lesbian lover, Alisha Congo and 10 who is a school teacher at Murrell Dobbins high school in Pennsylvania, Desmond Kirton Sr. Both of them know she is a married woman and based on texts both of them are currently involved in a affair with her.
               11-13 are from someone she’s sleeping with. As you can read she slept with him and he called her a “new” friend signifying they haven’t known one another long and she’s already slept with him, but it must’ve not have been that good because he’s reading her!
14-18 are the teacher she’s having a affair with in Pennsylvania, Desmond Kirton Sr. During the sex video (#18) you can hear her say damn des at some point and if you compare the voice in the video with his Instagram videos there’s no question it’s him. The board says they are BOTH waiting on a divorce, so that means they are BOTH married!!!!! Chile and they got the nerve to have scripture on the board!!!
I have to send the video seperate as well.
               I’m sorry if I confused you with all the other stuff but I’m eager for her to be exposed for the person she truly is. Since your story came out about Dr. Donald and her she’s been strutting around boasting about how famous it’s made her and how your blog has no validity. She struts into church every sunday full of pride knowing she’s slept with half the men in cornerstone fellowship church. Her husband Herb is still trying to work things out in their marriage with daishawn because he’s a good guy but she’s still sleeping around.All the different pictures are meant to prove daishawn is wilmingtons biggest whore and waynna has been dethroned!!!!! I love your blog and wanted you to expose her for who she really is, but I understand if you choose not to I only ask you let me know if you’re not interested because I’m determined to get her exposed.

I can positively identify two people in all the pictures which is the guy she’s kissing with the glasses, desmond kirton Sr. a married school teacher in Pennsylvania, and the female she’s laying in the bed with is alisha congo, her lesbian lover who she has been sleeping with on and off for 6 years. The messy part about that is desmond Kirton Sr and alisha congo were once lovers and Alisha has no idea desmond and daishawn are seeing each other. Daishawn is currently sleeping with both of them!! The instagram messages (dom 302 or something like that) you have a picture of are between daishawn and the minister of music at cornerstone fellowship church who is 17 years younger than her and as you can tell by reading the messages she went after him for a sexual relationship.

The video is daishawn and anyone who will see it will know it’s her and you can tell by her lower back and shoulder tattoo, the tattoos she’s always flaunting and showing off. I’m not 100% positive who the guy in the sex video is but she says damn des at some point some I’m guessing it is desmond kirton Sr. and based on the picture you have with the black writing on the white board he is currently married as well! She doesn’t care about the families or lives she destroys and she’s been raising hell in wilmington for long enough!!!!!!
Alleaged sex tape of Donald Morton’s mistress revealed below: