Posted on October 8, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Right when we thought life was normal again things heat up.  Perhaps it was the birthday of James Hall last week that has set off Bishop Jeffery Thomas or his not being invited to Dr. Kevin Bonds‘ Anniversary Gala.  Whatever the case Jeffery Thomas seems to have no regard for the restraining order for him to not release any information or be held in contempt of court.  Last week Obnoxious Media was sent this video message of a man that appears to be James Hall speaking to Jeffery Thomas and stating that he is in love with him.

Obnoxious Media cannot confirm if this video is actually James Hall or not.  However, it has been leaked and there is an open case before the New York Superior Court.  According to insiders Jeffery also sent the same video to James along with a text telling him you did love me at one time.  Rumor has it that there are more videos and pictures out there that will put this to shame.  

Obnoxious Media contacted James Hall, who would not confirm or deny that it is him in the video clip, but reminded us that this was a direct violation of the order of the court and he would contact his attorney.  He went on to say that if Jeffery Thomas sent this video out he can go to jail.  Jeffery, has said he is very ill and might not have anything to loose and obviously does not care about the order of the court.

Earlier this summer James Hall filed a lawsuit seeking 16 million dollars in damages against Jeffery Thomas.  According to the lawsuit Jeffery made advances to James that were unwanted and he was just showing the Love of Christ.  However, Jeffery says otherwise and can prove it.

It would be great if both parties can come to an agreement and settle this mess before it gets out of hand.

Watch the video clip sent to Obnoxious Media below: