Moses Tyson, Jr.’s Email To Sir William On Integrity!  This Is A Must Read!

Posted on September 11, 2017


 Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God…..Obnoxious Readers you have to forgive me for haing not posted to the blog in close to a week.  Please know that it is. Not that I am out of the loop or not covering events, but working extremely hard to take my blog and Obnoxious Media to the next level.  There has been talks with a network on a talk show and we are working on shows for our test run that has had me somewhat overwhelmed in the most positive way.  Trust that I will never stop my blog this is where it all began and everything that happens with TV, Radio, and other outlets is all a result of my blog.

Moses Tyson is a son of the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) and has seen the church form the top.  He has been prevliaged to work with many of our leaders and was extremely close to two presiding bishops, L.H. Ford, Chandler David Owens, Gilbert Earl Patterson. I like many others share his frustration with the decisions at times of current leaders that seems to take the lives and spiritual welfare of the saints for granted.  After much contemplating I have decided to share his letters and emails on my platform.  Moses is an accomplished musician and family is rich in connections in the secular world and the church alike.  Now many may say that his emails will not ever make a difference nor my sharing them with my one million plus readers.  However, if it shows just one person that we a not scared to stand for what is right then others may join the movement and force leadership to do what is right and Godly.

Let me say this to you:  Moses Tyson, Jr. often challenges me on the some of the content and even the many nude photos we expose he at Obnoxious Media, but the truth not matter how ugly is still the truth.  So ai will continue to left up my voice like a Trumpet In Zion!  Cry aloud and spare not!  Do not get made at us for exposing truth, but mad at yourself for covering sin.  He that covers sin will not prosper.  If the Saints would love write it would be not need for a platform to give voice to the underdog.  I will never be quite, but stand firm to my convictions.  Do you have integrity or can you be bought?

Read this wonderful email Moses Tyson sent me on integrity below:

Hello William:

Per our conversation on today. Again, I do not lie to people nor lie on people. I do not support that type of activity regardless of who engages in such. Nobody is perfect, but there is no excuse for those of us who are to be “born again” to engage in lying on people and character assassination in order to “get ahead”. In the end, those who do such usually live to regret it and don’t last nor have success when they achieve what they thought is success.

What God has for a person, I truly believe HE will orchestrate one to get it. When you get it RIGHT, you can sleep at night and don’t have to compromise, because nobody can black mail you, as GOD did it. Sort of like Bishop Thuston. God orchestrated his promotion. I pray he never forgets it. I don’t think he will though as he is a man of basic fairness from my observations of him over the many years.
I gotta go now. I gave you my word many years ago that I would never LIE TO YOU NOR LIE ON YOU. Thus far, I think I have kept my word to you. If not, please let me know so I can correct it. William you have a platform and people listen to you and clearly use or misuse you. However, I pray that God will really show you how best to use your platform for GOOD and in a way that your desire for transparency among us all, will not be distracted by tactics. I have to work on that myself as sometimes when I write my emotions can get in the way. It takes time, but I yet believe there is hope.
Bless you Sir William and remember, “you are a preacher”!!!!!!!!!!!! When you go on your blog😃😃😃😃
Please keep my mom in your prayers and all of us who are trying challenge abuse. Again, I don’t believe in lying to people yet alone “on people”. If ever you question my integrity or actions, please feel free to come to me. If I am proven in error I am not too big or arrogant to repent. Some of our mutual friends need to learn that LESSON sadly I must admit!


Moses Tyson, JR