Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Deacon Timothy Jones Files A Greaviance With The National Church Aganist Bishop Albert Galbraith

Posted on September 8, 2017



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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, Moses Tyson might just be related to Mike Tyson because he is throwing some very serious punches to the leaders in the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC).  He is the brother of Bernard Tyson, the CEO of Kaiser Permanente who is also COGIC and a member of the Second Assistant Presiding Bishop Jerry Wayne Macklin’s church in Hayward, California.  Tyson raises some very serious issues at best and will force the leadership of the church to properly address them or give an explanation as to why they have been allowed to persist.  Read the following email and share your thoughts below:

From: Moses Tyson Jr Sent: Wednesday, September 6, 2017 2:33:52 PM


Cc:;; bishop wells; Daniels; ERIC McADAMS; Harold Davis;;;;; Dr. Destry C. Bell; Supt Johnny Tates;;; Darrell L. Hines 2 & Pamela Hines Co-fou Nder Milwaukee WI 5; Dorothy Brice;; jarius jones; Ryan Mott; Supt. Albert Jackson;;;;;; RON STIDHAM; shelia tyson;;;;; Elder Jerry Riggins;;; jackie davis;;; Joel Lyles; LaShonda Willis; Cari Barnes;; Van Johnson; Moses Tyson Jr;;; William H. Watson, III;; bishop campbell; Kimberly Clayton;


 Dear Bishop Jones:

I pray you are well. Bishop Jones attached is a letter that Deacon Jones sent to me. As you will see things are moving forward regarding the allegations of abuse that Deacon Jones and others alleged “years ago”. Finally he is getting an audience. Now sir, think about this: I told you all about Deacon Jones a long time ago. The Board of Bishop chose to IGNORE the allegations.
My question is this: What do people like him do when they don’t know a Moses Tyson Jr? Why should the Board of Bishop be allowed to continue to IGNORE people who ask for intervention when they feel they are being mistreated by your colleagues or COGIC Credential Holders?  

Even now, Bishop Jones to my understanding Bishop Lyles is playing some PUNK SISSY games with my brother and friend Pastor Harold Davis with his credentials? I don’t know for sure because Bishop Lyles has been so dishonest and such a “sleaze” that he has ignored my reaching out to him. I will tell you later about the game they played with me, trust me.
I don’t appreciate his dishonesty and the “punk games”. But, I will tell him that when hopefully we all sit down together for a “COME TO JESUS MEETING”. Anyway, how in the world are you all having a Conference in San Antonio, going to dress up, eat a bunch of dinners etc…. SWAP MONEY and IGNORE all of this abuse that is going on? Have you all “NO HEART”?

Now I asked to be allowed to address the Board of Bishops on behalf of many of the abused people I have been writing about? You sir, have been so “deplorable” until you have refused to just acknowledge the request. Bishop Jones sir, that is wrong and its ungodly. Sir, Bishops are to be “SERVANTS”, not Dictators or Kings.

When I was born I had a VERY INFLUENTIAL Bishop in my family. Bishop F. L. Haynes. My great uncle. Bishop Neaul Haynes father. I don’t have to prove the respect that J. N. Haynes had for me as those who were in Jurisdiction can attest to that. When I would walk in, HE would “introduce” me personally. Bishop Reggie Williams and others were there. So sir, I know how a Bishop is to treat people and the way you and your other colleagues are “woefully” lacking. Bishop Jones, my mother, Bishop Kyles, Pastor Harold Davis, First Lady in Louisiana, Deacon McAdams, and others are suffering as a result of the Bishops you serve in your capacity as 2nd Vice Chair of the Board of Bishops are being allowed to “abuse” these poor people and YOU all say nothing, is going to be vigorously challenged. Again, Bishop Lyles is going to be challenged soon and proven to be a LIAR as a man who serves as the General Secretary of the Organization should be a MAN of integrity and good reputation. He seems to have NEITHER as YOU WELL KNOW. If you don’t know, I will tell you in front of him what I mean. When you lie to ME and fail to correct it, I have no problem challenging your integrity regardless of title or position, especially when you are abusing people, LIKE HE DID IN “DUPING BISHOP KYLES out of his $2,000.00 and then lying to me as to the facts. He should do the right thing now. It’s not to late.
Anyway, I gotta go. Again, I am beseeching you to allow me to come and address the Board of Bishops to discuss some of the outstanding issues that are only going to “FESTER AND GET BIGGER” if we don’t put a stop to it now. It’s up to you of course, but you will never be able to say that Moses Tyson, Jr wasn’t willing to come and face those that I have accused of being, “LIARS, BABY MAKERS, SISSIES, DISHONEST, DECEITFUL HUSTLERS, who should either repent, or turn in their “CROSSES AND GOLD RINGS”? The SAINTS deserve better.  
Bishop Galbraith is yet my brother but Bishop Galbraith has been dishonest, tried to destroy my reputation knowing all of the time he wasn’t being honest. Even as BAD is the fact that Dad Sheard and others who I have supported KNEW BETTER AND SAID nothing to bring about correction or resolution. I didn’t need them to help ME as my way has been made, I needed THEM to help me HELP the people who are YET BEING ABUSED! Even now, YOU ALL CONTINUE TO IGNORE THEIR PLIGHT.  
I look forward to addressing you all when you decide that it would be in everyone’s best interest to do so. How can the man who is in charge of the Board of Bishops Conference be effective when he himself is under another investigation for abuse and is also a co defendant in a Fraud Lawsuit? Bishop Jones, frankly you all ought to be ashamed of yourselves. I predict you will after all of this information is released to the general public as a result of the current lawsuit and pending one to come! I predict a Federal Lawsuit is headed your way soon as a result of this Jerusalem Matter if it is not handled properly. Hopefully, we can avoid that and work out something peacefully. But thus far, the Board of Bishops have proven to be TONE DEAF as evidenced by you going 2 hours up the Road From Houston to “HOB NOB” rather than roll up your sleeves and help them people clean up their homes etc. Bishop Ford would have took a group of MEN down there and clean out houses. All of you know this is true. Bishop Jones, I love you but sir, I truly believe the Board of Bishops need new Leadership! I “PRAY” sir, that when you all “CHOP” on that chicken during the BANQUET and “SWAP” money next week while the saints are cleaning out their flooded homes right up the road, you will hear my voice saying to you” Bishop Jones, how can you enjoy this chicken and swap this money, while the saints are flooded out up the road”? This is sad sir.
Again, I welcome coming to address you all. If I am wrong I will welcome the correction. But if I am right and you listen I predict much more damage to come may be minimized. But it’s up to you sir. Just let me know! It’s for the suffering people, not me sir! I will continue to keep accurate records as best as I can until such time “abuse is addressed” in a serious manner!
I will address Bishop Porter’s continued harassment and failure to allow Pastor Carter have a full 90 day opportunity to serve as the interim Pastor of Williams Temple. Bishop Thompson is yet interfering as well. Deacon McAdams has asked for a financial report as well as others and to date, their request have been ignored. Bishop Jones, you know that a non profit organization is to keep records and make them available to its contributors. Sir, all of this is going to be “challenged” soon. For that reason alone, Bishop Thompson and Bishop Porter MUST GO! We are going to stand with Deacon McAdams and those who have requested for Pastor Carter to be their Pastor, using the process that Bishop PORTER, FORCED upon them. His dishonesty and disrespect for TRUTH will be apparent very soon I predict. So, the Board of Bishops needs revamping and sadly, it’s clear to me that you and the current top management do not have the “BACK BONE nor ENOUGH CONCERN for the “ABUSED” to even address the shameful behavior by your colleagues!  
While I have no “respect” for Bishop Galbraith at this point, until he “repents”, I have no plans to just “LET YOU ALL THROWN HIM UNDER THE COGIC BUS BY HIMSELF”. You and others have earned a place right next to him if that happens.

Hopefully, we can work out something to avoid further unnecessary pain. Deacon Jones as you know has asked me to represent him in this matter.

Moses Tyson, Jr.
P. S. I will tell you about the games Bishop Lyles played with me later not to mention the blatant “provable” lies related to his hustling $2,000.00 out of Bishop Kyles during the April Call Meeting for a half of the year Registration. Now I can’t get him on the phone! Maybe you can arrange for him to be there if you allow me to address you all in San Antonio? In the mean while, I will continue to keep the record and “beseech you sir” to deal with abuse in a serious manner! Please keep my mom in your prayers as you know she is a VICTIM AS WELL!