Bishop Larry Trotter Hospitalized With An Undisclosed Illness 

Posted on August 22, 2017


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Obnoxious Breaking News!  Bishop Larry Trotter, senior pastor of Chicago’s historic Sweet Holy Spirit Church, has been hospitalized with an undisclosed medical condition.

The hospitalization followed a recent 10-day trip to Israel.
“During the trip, he was feeling uncomfortable, but yet fulfilled his duties as the tour guide for the 40-person Clergy Mission,” Trotter’s spokesman Sean Howard said.
“After arriving in the United States on Wednesday, he was immediately taken to a local hospital.”
Howard would not disclose the bishop’s medical condition, but said “doctors have confirmed that his current illness is unrelated to the cancer diagnosis which he successfully overcame three years ago.”
He said the bishop’s prognosis is good.
“He will be released in a few days, but will require adequate rest while at home,” Howard said.
Trotter has been a pastor at Sweet Holy Spirit Church for 35 years, during which time the congregation has grown from about 20 in 1981 to over 7,000 in 2016, according to a biography on the church website.
He has been appointed chairman of the Coalition of Bishop and Apostles for Global United Fellowship, and is licensed and ordained by both the Baptist and Pentecostal denominations.
He was formerly a founder of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, and presided over the United Covenant Churches of Christ.
Trotter has also recorded several albums of gospel music, and worked with the campaigns of the late former Mayor Harold Washington and former President Barack Obama.
Bishop Larry Trotter has appeared as the subject of several controversial post to our Obnoxious Blog and one that went viral when he posted a picture of him in the bathtub with his five year old granddaughter that sparked a firestorm.  Trotter even went on John Hannah’s radio show to attempt to defend his poor judgment and attack me, Sir William G. McCray, III which was not a fair nor journalistically correct to not have both sides on the show.