Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Bishop Rufus Kyles Kicked Out Of The Meeting Of The Board Of Bishops During The AIM Convention And More Problems At Williams Temple In Houston 

Posted on August 12, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well Moses Tyson is the gift that just keeps on giving and he is not scared to address some very serious issues in the Church Of God In Christ and call leaders out for poor judgment, manipulative behavior, and possibly stealing money.  Tyson is addressing several serious issues that have been unresolved for some time in the church.

From: Moses Tyson Jr
Sent: Tuesday, August 1, 2017 3:00 PM


Cc:;;;;;;; bishop campbell; Darrell L. Hines 2 & Pamela Hines Co-fou Nder Milwaukee WI 5;;; Supt. James Elmore;; James Dancer Sr.; Dorothy Brice;;;; Charles E. Blake; shelia tyson; Supt Johnny Tates; ERIC McADAMS;;;;;;; bishop wells; Enrika Williams; Enoch Perry, III;; Kimberly Clayton;;;; Doris F. Scott; Elder Jerry Riggins;;; Supt. Harry Allen;; Harold Davis;; Van Johnson; Norman White; Moses Tyson Jr; jarius jones; Ryan Mott;;; Dr. Destry C. Bell; Rosilind Meeks; Cari Barnes; Supt. Albert Jackson; Pam Toppen;; mildrenlinzey@verizonatt.n;; Areal Areal;



Dear Bishop Jones:
Greetings: Just for you records. I sent the attached letter and the below letter to Bishop Daniels related to the abuse of Williams Temple by Bishop Porter defying and refusing to just respect the spirit of the 90 day interim pastorate appointment by the Presiding Bishop.

Had you and the Board of Bishops acted honestly and consistently with Bishop Kyes and lifted his suspension rather than “THROWING” him “PHYSICALLY” out of the meeting during AIM where he was to get a fair resolution. This phase of this “TRAIN WRECK IN HOUSTON” would be over. The fact that you all go silent and hide says a lot and will only serve as more proof in the end to support my views and the views of some of your colleagues that ALL of you who are in the top management of the Board of Bishops, MUST GO. Now Bishop Porter is not allowing Pastor Carter to speak until the end of August? This is a JOKE!
Sadly, legal action is going to have to take place in order for these SHAMS that you are well aware is going on to stop. I say this because, how can a little Short Man, like Bishop Porter, sit in Memphis and play with the emotions of a church that he has NO FINANCIAL investment in. Sit up and cherry pick speakers in a soon to be proven failed effort to deny Pastor Carter the church where he was chosen by the people to lead? Not to mention, I guess he thinks he is the interim CEO. Let’s just say he is, I am confident that the courts will explain to you all once and for all, that because you may be CEO based upon old laws of the church when men were more honest that you all are right now, the church yet operates under the non profit status. Not to mention that Bishop Porter LIED on forms to my understanding as it relate to documents regarding Williams Temple? He also has charges pending against him right now? That being the case, CEO are not dictators to the members of the non profit organizations. Not to mention the laws that YOU know are being broken by some of the credential holders of which YOU all ignore. But the courts will not. As you know we have a JURY trial that Bishop Galbraith was able to get postponed, but it will be rescheduled and I am confident that we will prove that basically, you all are running a “SCAM”.  
I say a SCAM as you know it’s illegal to sell property and refuse to address where monies went? You know if a church member ask for for financial reports, they are to be given. That’s the LAW. There are more things that will come out soon, that YOU clearly know your colleagues are not enforcing in some circumstances. Again, Bishop Jones for you and the Board of Bishops to allow this local church to be ABUSED like this and YOU say nothing, is cause for ALL of you at the top of the Board of Bishops to step down NOW! I welcome ANY of your Cronies to challenge this position.  
Its sad, and such ungodly behavior is going to be vigorously challenged as you can see. I am recording these events so that you and others cannot claim the FAMOUS COGIC AMNESIA that runs rampant when ABUSE is proven. You are clearly turning a blind eye. Ignoring me sadly is going to in the end prove what a SHAM all of this is turning out to be sir.
Have we no decency? Have we no heart? Do we have the Holy Ghost? How do the Board of Bishops leadership sleep at night reading the below pleads of the saints? I won’t get into the corruptive way you dealt with my mom’s abuse when it came to the chambers? NO INTEGRITY AT ALL SIR! NONE!  
10 more Business Days to consider my suggestions as it relate to Bishop Kyles. No pressure. But I promise you sir, God willing the abuse is going to be challenge in the appropriate forums. The Games that are played in the Board of Bishops will sadly be exposed. Just keep this email for your records. Whenever you all if ever want to stop this corruptive behavior, I will be more than happy to get with those of us who are “people of just basic principles and fairness” to see how we can work together to make things better for the saints who are being abused, like some of those in the attached letter at Williams Temple.  

God Bless!
Moses Tyson, Jr

P. S. Deacon Jones really wants to speak to you. They are trying to get back in their local church in San Francisco. Can you address that sir? Again, please read the below thread and you tell me sir? HOW DO THE BOARD OF BISHOPS CONTINUE TO ALLOW THIS ABUSE?

From: Moses Tyson Jr
Sent: Monday, July 31, 2017 9:25 PM

To: Daniels

Cc:;;;;;;; Charles E. Blake; Bishop Drew Sheard; ERIC McADAMS; Dorothy Brice;;;; Supt. James Elmore; Supt Johnny Tates;; Enrika Williams; Enoch Perry, III; Norman White;;;; bishop campbell;; Joel Lyles;; Doris F. Scott; shelia tyson;;;;; Supt. Albert Jackson; jackie davis; Areal Areal;;;; RON STIDHAM; Ryan Mott; Barbara Heslep; Cari Barnes;;; Rosilind Meeks;; Elder Jerry Riggins; Vernon Gatlin; Van Johnson;; Diana Kelley;;;;;; Kimberly Clayton;; Dr. Destry C. Bell; LaShonda Willis; Moses Tyson Jr;;; lauren manne;



Dear Bishop Daniels:

I hope you are well. Attached for your review again, is the letter that was sent to Williams Temple that gave Pastor Carter a 90 day interim pastorate assignment. As you know Bishop Porter has defied it’s contents. Now to my understanding, Pastor Carter who has been doing a great job from the reviews I have received, is being denied to preach again there until the 4th Sunday in August. He is just basically being forced in the pulpit due to the arrogance and interference by Bishop Porter. Now Bishop Daniels, Bishop Porter has credible charges pending against him right now and he is yet being allowed to continue this abuse and YOU all say nothing? AT what point do you take your job serious? How can Bishop Porter just ignore the contents of this letter? It’s not even fair to Pastor Carter? I understand the games. I predict you all will try and have another polling? They have refused Bishop Thompson. I also predict that YOU and those in leadership is going to realize that all of these pleadings had you taken them seriously and did your JOBS would have averted MUCH CONFUSION to come. Confusion sadly that is going to have to happen if God’s people are going to ever be free from the Games that You and others are allowing to be played by your colleagues sir. I love you Bishop Daniels, but sir, this is ridiculous.
People need REAL HONEST LEADERSHIP and sadly you all are not providing such in this case and others I have personally brought to your attention. Again, I just keep the records as I am sure all of this will be adjudicated and resolved in the proper forums.
Bishop Porter and you all do not own that church and the sad way you are allowing them to be treated must and will continue to be challenged until Bishop Porter and Bishop Thompson get out of there. He should have had the integrity to just give Pastor Carter 90 days uninterrupted. Nobody interfered with him. It’s no integral and he should GO. I am only guilty of making SURE you in your capacity as Secretary to the General Board and also a voting member is made aware in writing. Again, Bishop Porter is deliberately defying the spirit of the attached letter. Why? His own work in MEMPHIS is falling apart. Just keep this email for the records as I am confident that ALL of these GAMES and JIVE Dealing that is going on with some of the elected officials at the highest levels will be “REMEDIED” soon!
I am confident that once we get to the secular jury with my mom’s case and others, Sadly, YOU and those who are officially in charge of our Organization Management, are going to be proven to have provided FECKLESS Leadership as it relate to protecting abused people such as the people I have brought to your attention. Not to mention, you all knowingly in some cases continue to ignore the abusers and renew their credentials with no regard to the non profit laws that are being broken. It’s sad and you know better! Again, I am just recording the events for the records!


Moses Tyson, Jr

P. S. Please read this letter again and tell “ANYBODY” how you all sit by and allow the saints to be so mistreated? Would you allow that to happen to your church? I won’t even mention the abuse out here in California! It’s a waste of time!
From: Moses Tyson Jr
Sent: Saturday, June 17, 2017 6:51 PM

To:; Daniels

Cc:;;;;;;; Dorothy Brice;;; bishop galbrathe; Enrika Williams;;;; bishop campbell;;; Supt Johnny Tates; Dr. Destry C. Bell;;; bishop wells;; jarius jones; Supt. James Elmore; Elder Jerry Riggins; shelia tyson;;; Charles E. Blake; Moses Tyson Jr; Joel Lyles;;; lauren manne; Darrell L. Hines 2 & Pamela Hines Co-fou Nder Milwaukee WI 5;; Supt. Albert Jackson;;;; Enrika Williams; Dorothy Brice



Dear Bishop Thuston & Bishop Daniels:

I pray you are well sirs. Attached is a letter from the Presiding Bishop to Williams Temple. The letter is self explanatory. As you may have read in my earlier emails, the saints there are being stressed out by Bishop Porter’s refusal to just abide by the attached directives. He is yanking Pastor Carter out of the pulpit tomorrow to allow Bishop Thompson to preach, with no PRIOR notice to the congregation at all.
I have begged those at Williams Temple who are upset about the last minute switch of Bishop Thompson preaching there tomorrow to stay calm and respectful. Sir, my question to you is this? HOW LONG IS BISHOP PORTER GOING TO BE ALLOWED TO HARASS THESE PEOPLE? Don’t Bishop Blake’s letter carry any weight? Also, why wasn’t the membership given this letter at large? I have tried to stay out of this since the General Board met with Pastor Carter, but as you can see, Bishop Porter just cannot seem to STOP!
They have been on a great stride to my understanding at Williams Temple since Pastor Carter has been allowed to go there a minister. To YANK Pastor Carter out tomorrow without any prior notice is so unfair and is causing much unnecessary confusion and harm. I beseech you to help these people once and for all.  
Let me thank you also for at least allowing him to go there. Please do what you can to quail any future confusion as a result of the GAMES Bishop Porter continues to play! At some point should not the “SAINTS” suffering be considered?


Moses Tyson, Jr