WTH! Grammy Award Winning Gospel Artist Le’Andria Johnson Refuses To Return $4000 Dollar Deposit To Promoter For Canceling His Concert!!! 

Posted on August 11, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Gospel Promoter Charles Shaw reached out to our offices here at Obnoxious Media to express his frustration of not getting his deposit returned due to Le’Andria Johnson canceling on him just a week prior to his event.  The gentleman has been a promoter for over fifteen years and according to him has never had an issue such as this ever.  It was not even Le’Andria or her office that caught the date issue, but Charles himself.  During our two phone conversation Charles said a friend of his that lives in New York called him when he saw a flyer on Facebook stating that Le’Andria Johnson would be in New York that same day.  He actually planned to fly to Texas to support his friend Charles and attend his event.  However he called and sent Charles a copy of the flyer.  As a direct result Charles reached out to her office and he was told we are so sorry we double booked her and would have to give you another date.  

 According to Charles it has been an ongoing excuse after another and he is fed up and just wants his money returned.  It seems his deposit would have been sent back to him immediately when they cancelled on him, but the contract stipulated they had thirty days to return the $4000.00 deposit, which was Monday.   During our phone conversation with Charles he explained that Robert Hattcher apologized to him for double booking Le’Andria And they would work things out or send him the money back.  Initially the idea of rescheduling was attractive, but he could never get clarity on the date she would actually come for him.  Now he says that he has been in talks with Robert Hatcher, Diane Moss, and even was called twice by Le’Andria Johnson herself and still not resolve.  Hopefully this was just a major miscommunication, but it has hit Charles hard in his pocket due to having to refund all the people who purchased tickets.

 While in New York for Bishop Bernard Jordan’s conference one of the special musical guest was Le’Andria Johnson.  She came there to minister to them but actually got ministered to in such a way that she hit the full.  Bishop Jordan and two of his sons Manessah and Joseph read her life like they were reading a book so much so until  Le’Andria was limp like a dish rag on the floor in tears.  Although, she has been the subject of many post to Obnoxious Media’s Blog due to her controversial behavior as a Gospel Artist the one thing that stood out to me that Jordan and his two sons mentioned while prophesying to her was that someone was stealing from her and that she had people close that meant her no good.  Now Charles comes to us to go public.

Checkout the contract, text messages, and video clips Charles Shaw sent to Obnoxious Media below: