Posted on August 6, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Checkout a serious email thread addressing some very serious issues in the Church Of God In Christ below:

From: Moses Tyson Jr
Sent: Friday, July 7, 2017 6:11 AM

To: G

Cc: Kimberly Clayton;; Rosilind Meeks; Daniels; ; Enrika Williams; Dorothy Brice;;;; ; Harold Davis; James Dancer Sr. ; George McKinney; bishop wells; Willie Collins; ; Timothy Jones; Norman White; ;; Joel Lyles; ; ; ; Supt. Harry Allen;;;; Doris F. Scott; Bishop Robert G. Rudolph; ;; Supt. James Elmore ;; Daniels;; Darryl Thomas; ;;; Linda White; Pam Toppen; Barbara Heslep; Dr. Destry C. Bell;;; Supt. Albert Jackson ; Charles E. Blake;; Darrell L. Hines 2 & Pamela Hines Co-fou Nder Milwaukee WI 5;;; Supt Johnny Tates;;; Onnie Kirk; ; ;; ; ; Van Johnson;; ;;;


Dear Supt. Alexander:

I pray all is well. I waited until I felt led to respond to this particular email you sent to me below. I wanted to see what the Board of Bishops was going to do with Bishop Kyles this week. Sadly, the Board of Bishops Executive Committee did what I expected, stayed on the course they were on to try and destroy Bishop Kyles rather than be fair. In fact, after he received information telling him where they were to meet, THEY HAD SECURITY TO THROW HIM OUT!
At this point I have to tell “A TRUTH” that is going to upset some people, but I must be transparent. The only way the Board of Bishops are going to ever have a “CHANCE” of having any credibility to deal with so many “ungodly” matters “equally, fairly, timely & consistently is “initially” at “least” the following is going to have to happen asap:
DAD SHEARD, who I respect and love is going to have to RESIGN, or hopefully be made Honorary Chairman. For example: Only 70 bishops or so participated out of over 300 current Bishops, or so in the Bishop Kyles matter this week? Them numbers alone prove “lack of interest” and “failed leadership” in my opinion. Not to mention the fact that I predict “open rebellion” is going to take place due to their failure to see that times are changing. People are not going to continue to just take “ORDERS” when they know those who are giving them are “OUT OF TOUCH” with the times and have little respect for “TRUTH”. Not to mention, like in the Bishop Kyles case, their bullying and deceptive way they have tried to bring closure in the matter is not going to “SURVIVE”. I am confident that Judiciary Board is going to be forced to help them understand the need to “LEARN OUR CHURCH CONSTITUTION” as a result of them now trying to re-write and expand their scope of authority in this matter. They are trying to now strip him basically of his Pastoral Position, of which even they said wasn’t originally in their initial case. Not to mention they are now giving Bishop Kyles more ammunition for the pending lawsuit that will be filed. Especially, if he listen to his supporters, which I believe he will do at this point. (They thew him out of the Board of Bishops Meeting)! These brothers are “SHAMELESS”! Have they no shame? Have they no decency?
To add insult to injury they then allowed Bishop Porter who we both know is very dishonest, have words against Bishop Kyles. Not to mention he has current charges against him that even the late Bishop Hunter, former Chairman of the General Assembly gave much credence to in WRITING.

Also, in this modern day era, there is much need to update the way things are RAN. We live in a technology age. There is no reason why files shouldn’t be sent electronically to ALL Bishops when they are asked to render decisions on serious matters. Especially when the future of people “LIVES AND CAREERS” weigh in the balance? How can “VOICE VOTES” in this day and time be acceptable in “serious matters”? How can they exclude 250 Bishops or so from being allowed to vote? Their current set up allows for “manipulation”. If reports can be sent in, people can pay tithes electronically etc, why can’t the Bishops do the same? People don’t have to go to Washington D. C. to vote for President! That being the case, why do the Bishop have to go in a ROOM to participate in making decisions for what is in the best interest of the pew members? Also, given these current brothers have been in leadership so long, they can easily “stack the deck”. Make sure a certain number of brothers who think like them “show up”. Ultimately the Bishops are in charge of the Pastors and the pastors are in charge of the lay members, so these concerns must be addressed. Sadly, as a result of failing to set up a system for modern times, the current set up also allows for the narrative that he is running a “CRONY BOYS SYSTEM”. I don’t necessary believe that, but I can see where the perception may seem to be the “observers” realities.  
Many Bishops have told me and continue to tell me that they respect his years of service but the BOB “desperately”needs new leadership. While I balked at these statements at the time, I can no longer ignore what is easily provable to be true. THE NEEDS OF THE “MANY” MUST OUTWEIGH THE NEEDS OF THE FEW OR THE ONE! I know what POWER is. Trust me. I come from a family who has always had members in it over the many years who were powerful not only in our church organization but in the secular world as well. But there comes a time when one must know when to get off of the field. Dad Sheard, “WILL NOT” be able to deal with what the “RIGHTEOUS AND MUCH NEED STORM OF CORRECTION” that is headed to the Board of Bishops for “THEIR” own good as a collective body, which will help the abused saints. He doesn’t need the mental anguish or physical stress as a result of what is going to have to happen now. I PREDICT THAT IF COOLER MINDS DON”T COME TO THE TABLE, ALL HELL IS GOING TO BREAK OUT! Given my experience in Orlando, I know a HELL STORM when I see it. Sir, I SEE A MAJOR HELL STORM HEADED OUR WAY! I pray he would see the wisdom of this statement and maybe become a counselor. Also, “SADLY” some of those who are now surrounding him “LACKS SPIRITUAL MATURITY” to give him the advice he is going to need and the ones who have that ability to do so, I don’t think he will listen to. In fact, I am sure they are going to be mad at this statement while at the same time they know it’s true. But our primary concern must be for the “SAINTS” who need the Bishops to be challenged to do the right thing by God’s people. “CLEAR AND SIMPLE”. This will not happen under Dad’s Leadership, he has a great heart. BUT now we need somebody I truly believe who have a “BLIND HEART”! One who will have the capacity put my mother and other’s abuse over the out of date antiquated processes and games that currently exist and have the back bone to rebuke those he love! Dad has proven to me PERSONALLY, he lacks that ability now for whatever reason.
Also, those of us who are challenging provable “ignored” abuse sadly will put him in a position where his great years of service and reputation will be called into question. After so many years of faithful service, I would hate to see that happen. But our cause is bigger than any personality, including my own and we aren’t backing down, as I know God would not be pleased and those who really KNOW GOD who will read this will know that only GOD can give me the courage to write such a document. It’s one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I wish Bishop Owens, Dad Porter or any of the fathers who believed in me were here right now. But, they are not! Again, there are other Bishops who think like I do. Also, as things continue to unfold I would hate to see bishops organize to call for his resignation. Trust me, there are some who do just that.

BISHOP GALBRAITH is going to have to RESIGN. Soon he is going to be a “PROVEN LIAR”, we have enough in our files right now to prove this statement. The executive committee of the Board of Bishops do too. I challenge them to say differently. Let alone he is party to a current”FRAUD LAWSUIT”, that has already been granted a 10 day Jury Trial, In addition to that he has “NEW” charges against him related to the Jerusalem COGIC in San Francisco, that I am confident will go to Federal Court soon. I challenge Bishop Daniels and or Elder Henderson to say differently? He is a business man and Ulesis is an attorney, they well know there are laws regarding non profit organizations and selling paid for property without certain things being done. Also, Bishop Galbraith’s health is not going to allow for him to withstand the “STORM” that is headed to the Board of Bishops (as an organized body) soon as a result of the pitiful top management lack of ability to operate in “righteousness and fairness” regardless of the relationships certain people when they are accused of improper behavior.
I have known him basically all of my life. You can speak to my mother and others and they will tell of the abuse they have experienced and sadly, he financed the ABUSER! You can also speak to Deacon Jones and he has a HORROR story as well.

Both churches has written documentation of their abuses and witnesses. Sadly Deacon Jones and his supporters are on the streets now while non cogic people are using their multi-million dollar facility! The General Board & Board of Bishops Executive Committee has IGNORED THEIR PLIGHT! However, we are now dealing with the matter! It’s been going on for years. Even Bishop Macklin ignores their plight! He is 35 miles away physically from their church facility!

BISHOP RODGER JONES is going to have to RESIGN. I say this because he has made a great comeback. But sadly in spite of the fact that God gave him a Second Chance, he must have forgotten about it. How can a man ignore the information that I personally sent him and see the plight of them people in that Video tape and SAY NOTHING? Didn’t have enough LOVE for them people in the footage to just pick up the phone and ASK about them? Pitiful. Also and maybe even more importantly, he will not be able to withstand the Scrutiny that is Headed to the Board of Bishops either. I saw him the other night speaking during the AIM convention. I love him, but again he don’t have the energy, nor fortitude nor the character to be able to make the necessary adjustments to make the Board of Bishops have any much needed serious credibility, as people are learning of the “deplorable way” things are currently being done. Lastly, he didn’t have the wisdom to just respond to my email. I was writing on behalf of some soon to be proven abused saints. Not myself?
Bishop L. H. Ford detested Clergymen who Ignored People. I know this and others can affirm, as he would say it in my presence many times. Especially when we had to go to Lexington MS, for Bishop Mason’s birthday tent revival Celebration. Supt. Alexander I had to play the organ in the tent. Bugs would fly everywhere. I was afraid of them so the DAD PORTER brought some “OFF” SPRAY. One night the bugs took over the organ and I got off. Bishop Owens was telling me to hit it. But I was off of it. DAD Porter sprayed it down and then said “GET BACK ON NOW MOSE”, then he yelled at Bishop Owens and said, “Bishop he gettin back on, he was afraid of the bugs, so I just sprayed them off”. Everybody around us “LAUGHED SO HARD”! It was so bad until one night the late Bishop Leroy Anderson was preaching and a bug flew in his mouth. He had to swallow it after struggling trying to get it out. Then he said, “GOD BLESS THAT BUG”. Even Bishop Ford had to admit over the microphone reluctantly: “LOOK LIKE THE BUGS ARE TRYING TAKE OVER THE MEETING THIS YEAR”😃😃

Other things are going to have to happen that I will speak to later as I don’t want to write a BOOK right now😃 i. e.
Supt. Alexander sir, I am sure after this email is read there are those who I love and will continue to love will now turn the COGIC KILLING MACHINE ON ME! But sir, the only way we can really be “used of God” is we must realize that we are “DEAD ALREADY’. WE must make life decisions thinking beyond the “GRAVE”. How can we make things better for those coming behind us if we don’t have the courage to speak truth to “so called power”? Our Grand kids, kids and those who we love deserve to inherit a better organization than we are presently dealing with right now. How do we use the influence God has given us to make a positive difference? One way I believe we can do so is by “TELLING THE TRUTH”. I believe we MUST CHALLENGE EACH OTHER TO WALK IN INTEGRITY. I don’t mind scrutiny at all as anyone who have an audience of people who listens to them should welcome it so that they can make the proper adjustments when needed. I have learned that when one truly walks in their “divine destiny” that journey will be very lonely. BUT God has a way of putting people in your life of like minds. You are one of them people evidenced by your willingness to take the stand you taken in the Houston Matter.
We are not just standing up for Bishop Kyles, as all three of us can die before night fall. We are standing up for Godly Principles to be practiced and Respected. Bishop Porter is a LIAR. Those around him knows this to be true. My daughter works with him, she knows he is a liar, I can give you list of people who can attest to this FACT. Talk to Supt. Dillard, he has joined a Jurisdiction way down in the GEORGIA STATE. I can prove this statement and will be honored to do so in front of the General Board with Bishop Porter present. I predict they would not want to sit with me, even though I speak to some of them individually because they already know he is a “PROVEN LIAR” and operates sadly “IN DECEPTION” as evidenced by him “REFUSING to allow for Bishop Blake’s letter to be read to Williams Temple. I use such hard words now because these are HARD TIMES. The way he continues to mistreat the saints there in the Houston Area is “despicable” at best. I get calls and emails from various saints BEGGING for intervention. Right now he has “CURRENT PENDING” charges against him and he was allowed to speak against Bishop Kyles in the Board of Bishops meeting, while they “THREW BISHOP KYLES OUT”? NO sir, we must speak TRUTH FORCEFULLY NOW TO POWER. Sis. Kyles who served as the church Administrator was thrown out of her office. What had she done? They have a son who is an ordained Elder, why has he been so disrespected? Bishop Porter succeeded his father………… it’s pitiful.
No sir, we must LEAN IN and confront this abuse, hypocrisy and bullying once and for all, as we are now doing!

Let me be clear sir, I hope you know now, if you ever had any doubt that my motives are pure and my actions will remain transparent. To have written what I wrote to you especially about Dad Sheard is going to cost me some great relationships. Well, maybe not “GREAT” after all. Great relationships to me are rooted in “TRUTH”. So those who will now turn on me, as a result of telling the truth, are part of the problem and not the solution. The church is not a CLUB. It’s not a Dynasty, it should be a “source of spiritual renewal and the ultimate place where one can go to see “INTEGRITY” at it’s best! Sadly, some of our people are not mature enough to be able to accept what is true. But for the record, when my father died, my brother in law and sister wanted the church. While I love them and they both know this, at that time I could not support them to take over as pastor. For various reasons. So sir, it would be hypocritical to them for me to not speak my convictions now, especially when so many people lives & emotions weigh in the balance. I love Dad Sheard and the others mention in this email and I pray that they will see the wisdom of my advice when I address him at the proper time. Let’s stay prayerful and focused. Righteousness will prevail especially if Men Like You continue to challenge “WICKEDNESS IN HIGH PLACES” practices be “ABOLISHED”!  
Tell your supporters and the “MEN OF PRINCIPLE” that they should hold tight. Bishop Kyles is going to be restored God willing. Until we correct this injustice, let’s set up a revival. One more thing, I spoke via email to the young lady’s attorney. He raised some concerns that I plan to address in a comprehensive way. Please make sure we discuss this also. There are some things I have already discussed with Bishop Kyles that I cannot go into right now. But trust me sir, he is proving to be A MAN who wants to right any and all wrong as best as he can. This has been a unique journey that I am walking with him and his family. Again, I will explain later. I can’t wait to see you guys soon God willing! Remember the more saints we take to Pappadeuax, the bigger the discount we are going to get on the GUMBO😃
Keep my mom in your prayers not a day go by she don’t bring up her disappointment in our leadership to care about people like her who given all of the years of service to the Church. She is now 84 years old and they “IGNORED” their abuse as you know. SO WE MUST “DRIVE & GO FORWARD”!


Moses Tyson, Jr

From: G <>
Sent: Friday, June 30, 2017 11:04 PM


Cc: Kimberly Clayton;; Rosilind Meeks; Daniels; ; Enrika Williams; Dorothy Brice;;;; ; Harold Davis; James Dancer Sr. ; George McKinney; bishop wells; Willie Collins; ; Timothy Jones; Norman White; ;; Joel Lyles; ; ; ; Supt. Harry Allen; ;;; Doris F. Scott; Bishop Robert G. Rudolph; ;; Supt. James Elmore ;; Daniels;; Darryl Thomas; ;;; Linda White; Pam Toppen; Barbara Heslep; Dr. Destry C. Bell;;; Supt. Albert Jackson ; Charles E. Blake;; Darrell L. Hines 2 & Pamela Hines Co-fou Nder Milwaukee WI 5;;; Supt Johnny Tates;;; Onnie Kirk; ; ;; ; ; Van Johnson;;;; ;

Subject: Re: Bishop Kyles/ Texas Southeast #1

Thanks Elder Tyson for addressing this issue because no one has communicated with Texas Southeast 1 in writing about any of those so-called type convocations with Pastor Bell or Tate. As a matter of fact, no one sent any response to the inquiries I asked you to send on my behalf. As stated before, the last official word we received was we ALL are still members of Texas Southeast 1. I knew something was up when they asked me out of the meeting during the time the standard and extension committee was here in Houston. Can you believe as a Superintendent I was asked to leave a closed door meeting and told to pray as if I needed prayer? I never felt so hurt and disrespected by the church. Sadly, this is my reward after 35 years of serving and supporting, especially when I had done nothing wrong in the meeting.

Again, Bishop Porter asked pastors to make application to be polled to replace Bishop Kyles if he was not reinstated. Bishop Porter also asked each one of them if they were not elected will they still support the Jurisdiction and the elected replacement; they all agreed and said yes. Now we have not only the elected replacement but another one that was polled and came in third place splitting us as well. We did not elect Bishop Tate to split us but unite us. I believe if they just would have waited on a resolution concerning Bishop Kyles, none of this would be going on. It is really sad that spiritual waiting is a lost quality of leadership in our church today. These are the same men who would tell us to wait on our turn and don’t run ahead of God. What God has for us is for us, and we don’t have to fall into the Jacob Syndrome.
Man, what has become of our church??? Thank God there is a voice like yours for history to remind us how these foundations were laid. I am not only disappointed with the leadership but followers as well. We have left God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit out of how we treat one another and lead His people… God the Father because He is not the head of this train wreck. God the Son because we don’t have Grace or Mercy for our fallen brother, and God the Holy Spirit because their decisions cannot be backed up by Thus Saith the Lord.
I am still very confused about what will go on with the meetings in July 2017.
May God help us all because if He is allowing this go on I’m afraid for all of us when The Lord intervene.
Superintendent Grayling Alexander
Texas Southeast Frist

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On Jun 28, 2017 4:21 PM, Moses Tyson Jr <> wrote:

Dear Bishop Jones:

I hope you are well. I regret having to bother you again, BUT there are issues in Houston Texas that are going on as a direct result of a void of leadership being filled. Bishop Jones sir, Bishop Kyles need to be restored NOW. Right now there is a “MUTATION CONVENTION” being scheduled. I have sent you the information. What is so sad about all of this is the failure of you and your Board of Bishops sir to even show any interest in what is clearly “unconstitutional and a bad precedent for our church”.
It is clear to me that you sir are sadly ignoring my reaching out to you for the benefit of some very bad “beat up and abused saints” who sadly are in that condition as a result of some of your colleagues. Even one of your superiors has engaged in dishonest activities and WE BOTH KNOW I CAN PROVE IT, THAT IS WHY THE BOARD OF BISHOPS SWEPT MY DOCUMENTS UNDER THE RUG AND REFUSED TO JUST SPEAK WITH ME. Sir, I was trying to get an audience with you all for the benefit of the “BEAT UP SAINTS” not myself. I am not a victim sir. I am an advocate for abused saints and for holding Elected Officials such as yourself sir accountable to do your JOB and look after the “saints”! That’s it!
Bishop Jones, I am pleading with you to now do the right thing. Look into the matters that you clearly know are wrong to see what can be done to make things right! That’s it. Ignoring us is going to prove to be a BIG MISTAKE and FUTILE! We are not going away, we are not backing down and we are going to get resolution to these various “abusive” actions by some of your colleagues. Deacon Jones and Jerusalem are out doors. You saw his footage and NONE of you even called to just to check on them people. THIS IS WRONG, THIS IS SAD and I PREDICT THE BOARD OF BISHOPS are going to be JUDGE BY THE PUBLIC SOON AS BEING HEARTLESS if you don’t show no more concern than you are doing now. I respect you, but I am losing much respect for your failure as a Board to show any concern for the ABUSED SAINTS!
Now sir, can you please look into what is going on in regard to the Texas Southeast # 1 Holy Convocation. If the Board of Bishops would be fair to Bishop Kyles now, like you are to those you favor, a lot of the problems in Houston now would disappear. If you refuse to stop the double standards, I predict sir that you will see that I gave you great advice when I “BEGGED” you all to show fairness and concern for the “SAINTS”. As of now you are showing none.
One more thing, Deacon Jones mother sadly “DIED” before she could see them get back in their church. She had been a member there for over 50 years. HOW MANY MORE SAINTS MUST DIE BEFORE YOUR BOARD HELP THEM? My mother is 84 years old. They have begged for help for almost 5 years now and you all ignored it. WE are in a litigation and you will see soon the LIES that Bishop Galbraith allowed to be submitted to the courts. Elder Henderson who is General Counsel presented LIES also to the court. I have the documents and will be willing to sit with them BOTH IN THE BOARD OF BISHOP CHAMBER IF YOU SIR, CAN HAVE THE COURAGE TO “HEAR THE TRUTH”! The status quo will no longer be accepted.


Moses Tyson, Jr

From: Moses Tyson Jr
Sent: Saturday, June 17, 2017 11:45 AM


Cc:;; Daniels; Daniels;; bishop wells;;;;;;;;; Dr. Destry C. Bell; Supt Johnny Tates; George McKinney;;;;;;; Supt. James Elmore;;;; Enrika Williams;;; Supt. Albert Jackson;;;;;;;; Norman White;;; Timothy Jones;; James Dancer Sr.;; Dorothy Brice; Barbara Heslep; Doris F. Scott;; Rosilind Meeks; Onnie Kirk; Linda White; Kimberly Clayton; Van Johnson; Darryl Thomas;;; Pam Toppen; Darrell L. Hines 2 &amp; Pamela Hines Co-fou Nder Milwaukee WI 5; Willie Collins; Rosilind Meeks;;; George McKinney;; Supt. Harry Allen; Bishop Robert G. Rudolph; Joel Lyles; Harold Davis;;; Charles E. Blake


 Dear Bishop Jones:

One more thing sir. I am so tired of EVERYBODY with the exception of a few elected officials trying to blame “BISHOP BLAKE” for everything that is goes wrong in our church. HE is Presiding Bishop. But he only has one vote. Yes he has influence, but he only has one vote. I have known him all of my life practically and while I don’t agree with some things that I have saw him do, I DO RESPECT HIM. I love him and I have never lied to him nor have I been two faced with him.
I didn’t agree with his support of Derrick. BUT, I respected his back bone not to be deceptive and he stood up Publicly and stated his position. I wish him no harm as I wish none of you. I will address him at the appropriate time if indeed none of his General Board Members or the Board of Bishops can come up with a solution to deal with the Abuse that is being ignored. Again, my mother is among them.

At some point Sir, we should stop the games. We will all surely die. Why not come together now for the benefit of those who are coming behind us? Just a thought!
From: Moses Tyson Jr
Sent: Saturday, June 17, 2017 11:24 AM


Cc:;; Daniels; Daniels;; bishop wells;;;;;;;;; Dr. Destry C. Bell; Supt Johnny Tates; George McKinney;;;;;;; Supt. James Elmore;;;; Enrika Williams;;; Supt. Albert Jackson;;;;;;;; Norman White;;; Timothy Jones;; James Dancer Sr.;; Dorothy Brice; Barbara Heslep; Doris F. Scott;; Rosilind Meeks; Onnie Kirk; Linda White; Kimberly Clayton; Van Johnson; Darryl Thomas;;; Pam Toppen; Darrell L. Hines 2 &amp; Pamela Hines Co-fou Nder Milwaukee WI 5; Willie Collins; Rosilind Meeks;;; George McKinney;; Supt. Harry Allen; Bishop Robert G. Rudolph; Joel Lyles; Harold Davis;;

Subject: Deacon Timothy Jones/ Jerusalem

Dear Bishop Jones:

I hope you are well sir. Bishop Jones you and I have known each other for many years. I won’t go into all of the details but we have had some great and memorable times together. I. E. we were (personally) a part of Bishop Brandon Porter’s succession of his father’s (the Late Bishop W. L. Porter’s Jurisdiction) as WE three rode together up to the State Temple in Jackson TN, after visiting Bishop W. L. Porter at his death bed, securing his signature on a petition to his pastors asking that basically they (would not), subject Bishop Brandon Porter (his son) to a polling process to become their next Bishop. We both gave a speech in that regard to the pastors and as you know he successfully avoided finding out for sure if indeed he was the best man to get the position, by having to go through that process. As you know he became the Bishop. In fact, there were a few men who weren’t happy and I personally spoke to my cousin the late Bishop Haynes to reinforce that indeed Bishop Porter really wanted this to happen. I think I spoke to Bishop Winbush as well.   
Also, Bishop Jones I am sure you will recall when you were moving forward with your life in the 90’s, Bishop W. L. Porter, the late Bishop Quick and you flew out to Hollywood California, where I was living at the time running the Gospel Division of BellMark Records, to spend some to time with me there. We went golfing and in fact, Presiding Bishop Blake golfed also as I personally drove “his” cart. I remember how Bishop Blake hit the gold ball one day real far and Bishop W. L. Porter told Bishop Quick and I quote: “don’t worry Quick, Bishop Blake just got lucky that time, He’s gonna run out of steam”! Bishop Porter was bragging about the fancy fur covers on his golf clubs and one of them told him “Don’t show me your bait, show me your fish”! Anyway it was a great time. I must tell you sir, how proud I am of how God really elevated you as you have so successfully excelled again in ministry. 
Bishop Jones given some of this personal history between us, I feel comfortable cutting to the chase with you. Bishop Jones as you know I have been unfortunately put in some “sad situations” as a result of taking a stand against some “ABUSE” and challenging some “BULLIES, LIARS, THUGS, HUSTLERS” and “BULLYING” behavior by some of our elected officials in our church organization. Namely, for examples, Orlando Florida, where Derrick Hutchins put a dead body in a business meeting and “LIED” and said that Bishop Owens broke up a funeral. 
Bishop Brooks was there and to this date he has sat quietly by and watched my name be “maligned” when he was a witness to this diabolical situation. Derrick has been elevated to the office of “BISHOP”and that’s great for him, if he is indeed repentant, while I am regulated to living with the COGIC ANTS! Which frankly I rather enjoy! My mother is one of those “abused ants” so I have to stay with them for a while longer. Thankfully, the Carters, Mother Bell and others were also witnesses to the phony funeral Campaign, which helped to undermine Bishop Owens and get him voted out of office. In fact, I testified in the Orlando Superior Court, on behalf of the National Church along with Bishop Brooks and the National Church won the case as you know. Yet again, Derrick was promoted as you know, while my name continued to be falsely “maligned” for standing up against “PROVABLE LIES”!

You are also aware of the Bishop Keith Jones case. The Board of Bishops was going to “KILL” him. I have the written evidence that I begged for mercy for him. There were those, including Ulesis Henderson who asked me to leave it alone. I didn’t leave it alone as I thought it was “WRONG” to just Kill a man, when the man could be brought in and something be worked out. I don’t take credit for his resolution, but I can prove that when others treated him like a “murderer” I did not!
You are also aware of my mom’s church being raped and I personally ask the Board of Bishops to just hear the matter regarding Bishop Galbraith’s refusal to correct his assistant for abusing them. Your board SWEPT it under the rug. I didn’t make a big deal out of it as we have a legal case pending. They are yet playing games, but we will prevail.  
Now sir, I have been dealing with Bishop Kyles as a result of people in Houston Texas asking for help. The Kyles didn’t ask for my help. Some of their supporters did. After looking into the matter I found that his rights were violated. If you read the Judiciary Board’s Ruling, you will see why I say that. If the Board of Bishops do not correct the wrong and get Bishop Brandon Porter and or whoever is backing this “abuse” out of his local church by July 21rst, God willing others and myself are going to Houston TX with a delegation and with the Houston Texas Police and present Bishop Porter with the rulings and restore Bishop Kyles back in his chair as Pastor. We will be peaceful, BUT BISHOP KYLES WILL BE RESTORED AS PASTOR. God willing! Also, more importantly, it will be a great platform to expose some of the other ABUSE & CORRUPTION that is going on in our organization, that the elected officials refuse to address. WE WILL!
Attached is a video from Deacon Jones from Jerusalem COGIC in San Francisco, Ca. The church who just filed charges against Bishop Galbraith, who serves as you superior in his role as 1rst Vice Chairman of the Board of Bishops. This church is in my mom’s Jurisdiction also. While I have no real ax to grind against Bishop Galbraith as the truth will eventually “YELL OUT” and I am sure he knows now that I was right when I told him in many writings he was going to ruin his career going down the dishonest path he went down protecting that Liar Hunter. These people in this clip have begged for help from him and other leaders for years and they “WERE IGNORED”. Even by Bishop Macklin who is just 35 miles away. But when they spoke to me sir, I didn’t ignore them nor will the courts. I urged Bishop Galbraith & Ulessis Henderson to just get with these people over the past 2 years, in an effort to come to a quiet and peaceful resolution………… IN WRITING! I even sent information to Bishop Daniels and he told me he would get back to me and speak to some of these victims. HE HAS NOT DONE SO! They refused to address this matter. So now these people are moving forward. Millions of dollars of their property has been sold since Bishop Patton’s death and they are now scattered and outdoors. They want to get back in their church on Sundays as now there are no COGIC people in there. All I tried to do was to bring the parties together. Again, the leadership IGNORED THEM! Now there is multi-million dollar lawsuit like in my mom’s case will most likely be filed. But in this case, it will be Federal.
Now sir, my PRIMARY focus right now in this letter to you is on Bishop Kyles. Sir, Bishop Kyles has been abused and in my opinion have suffered enough. After you review this footage and some other things I have for you to see, I challenge you sir to (NOT) continue to sit by quietly and watch Bishop Porter and or the system to continue to try and DESTROY this man. Bishop Galbraith is the 1rst Vice Chair of the Board of Bishops. This church in the attached video footage, is in his Jurisdiction and even right now, these people are outdoors who are on this footage. Bishop Kyles ministry and life is being dismantled and all of his income was taken away? While the board of Bishops ignore this type of attached abuse? No sir, this is WRONG and this unfairness must be “CHALLENGED”. I BESEECH YOU TO STAND WITH ME TO ENFORCE THE JUDICIARY BOARD”S RULING and RESTORE HIM AS PASTOR.
I am confident that after some of the way the Board of Bishops have sat by and let so much abuse like the attached misbehavior go on, (look at this footage), and promote some of the those who engage or support this type of abuse, is aired in the general public, you are going to hard pressed to really be taken seriously as a result of the “pitiful” way people have been mistreated and the Board of Bishops, just basically (ignored the terrible misbehavior of their colleagues). Sir, my mom’s case is enough to prove that the Board of Bishops should maybe just become a “ribbon committee”! They need oversight themselves in my opinion and in the opinion of others who know what is going on. Including sir, some of your own Bishops. Some of your own Bishops are tired of what is going on sir. But they are afraid to publicly challenge the system. They are tired and have given up on any meaningful change. There are some people who even think that the Board of Bishops may need oversight themselves and such oversight should managed by the F. B. I. (Federal Bureau Of Investigations). Sir some of this activity is CRIMINAL as you well know! Some of our clergy sadly should consider becoming “PRISON PASTORS”!
I will g