Day 3 Of Bishop Neil Clarence Ellis’ #THEGATHERING2017

Posted on July 14, 2017


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Day Theee of #TheGathering2017 seems to get better and better.  Afternoon service with new voices, which has been an opportunity to give some of great preachers in GLOBAL a national platform that otherwise might not have ever been heard on such a large stage.  Pastor Joel Tudman and Pastor Rickeno Moncur did tremendous and was well embraced by conference attendees.

Believe it or not I, Sir William aka Mr. Obnoxious attended a round table on Interactive Training that covered strategic ways to use social media with traditional methods to maximize your potential.  Lady Patrice Ellis hosted a luncheon for only First Ladies.  It was a special time for women who are married to men married to ministry to let their hair down and share the burden of the great responsibility of being a pastor’s wife.

Bishop William Murphy III, singing his famous song that he wrote eieghteen years ago “Praise Is What I Do,” which he said has meant more to him in pass eighteen months since his mother passed to cancer.  

Apostle Guido Raul Avila from Venezuela 🇻🇪 preaching with the help of a translator due to his not speaking English.  He preached a powerful message entitled “The Black Swan,” although he did not know English his message resonated with the attendees of The Gathering.

 The Apostle blessing Bishop Ellis with a gold chain and cross that was over 150 grams of solid gold!