Doo Doo Brown Producer Frank Ski Gets Engaged 

Posted on July 12, 2017


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What a difference a day makes!  At one time you could not get any larger then the Boo Boo Brown producer Frank Ski.  However, his arrogance brought him down to nothing.  This man went from having his own show to being a co-headliner with Wanda Smith to totally getting the boot and now working weekends like someone just starting in radio.  He lost his restaurant, his house, and his wife.  Plus his foundation and the events have collapsed. Congratulations on his new engagement.  Hopefully this will be a new beginning for him.  This is a reminder of how to treat people on your way up because you will pass them on your way down.  When working as a publicist this man was so low down he would tell my high profile clients to drop me and even told former Atlanta School Board Brenda Muhammad and motivational speaker Pat Russell McCloud to drop me.  However, I preserved and still have success and lived to see him come down.  Congratulations Frank Ski and learn a valuable lesson as you fight for a second chance!