Posted on June 21, 2017


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Drug Dealers Ad Killers Strike Again……After spending four days in jail in connection with a pair of unrelated child support cases, the New Orleans rapper Juvenile is out from behind bars.

Terius Gray, 42, was released Tuesday from the St. Charles Parish jail, where he was booked a day earlier on a warrant accusing him of failing to appear in court there in a pending paternity and child-support lawsuit filed against him more than 15 years ago on behalf of a woman named Shannon Horn.
Prior to that, he had been in jail in New Orleans since early Saturday, picked up on a warrant charging him with being late on $150,000 in child support owed to a woman named Dionne Williams.
The New Orleans rap star Juvenile got out of the city’s jail Monday — only to be transferred…

Gray’s attorney, Jason Cantrell, worked out a deal Monday by which Gray would fork up $10,000 of his debt to secure his release from New Orleans’ jail, pay $20,000 by July 5, and cover the balance after a tour scheduled to start in September.
But, immediately after coming up with the money he needed Monday, St. Charles deputies detained Gray on a warrant signed in 2011 as part of the Horn case and transferred him to the jail in Killona.
The warrant had a pre-set bond of $2,000 cash, and Gray was out by Tuesday afternoon.
Cantrell said Gray is involved in Williams’ son’s life, buying him a car and paying for him to go to prom recently. Gray simply fell behind on payments because his income is not what it was in his heyday, Cantrell said.
Cantrell did not comment on the St. Charles case.
Gray helped propel the locally-founded Cash Money Records label to national fame with the multiplatinum album “400 Degreez,” which included the New Orleans bounce anthem “Back That Azz Up.” He arguably peaked in 2004, when his song “Slow Motion” became a No. 1 single.
Though his prime years are behind him, Gray remains popular and still draws crowds when he performs.
He was arrested shortly after performing at a concert venue in Jefferson Parish, and he missed a gig alongside fellow New Orleans rapper Mystikal on Saturday night in Houston. Both events were well promoted.