Deadbeat Dad Jamal Harrison Bryant Begs Judge To Stay Out Of JAIL!!!

Posted on May 30, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Deadbeat Dad Dr. Jamal Bryant, a Baltimore-based pastor and one of the hosts of “The Preachers” talk show, is pleading with a judge not to listen to his child’s mother’s demands that he be thrown in jail.Bryant is denying he is in contempt of court, that he blew off a court order and he’s demanding the child’s mother, LaToya Odom, cover his legal bills in this matter.
The situation stems from last year when Odom sued Bryant for child support and primary physical and legal custody of their minor son. Bryant responded by saying he was paying up but that he wanted to resolve the child support issues outside of court. However, he said due to Odom’s continued harassment, he stopped making payments and decided to let the judge decide.
Back in November, the former couple reached a settlement in the case. Odom was awarded primary physical custody and Bryant received visitation. The amount of child support was sealed but Jamal was ordered to cover Odom’s $13,500 legal bill.
According reports that Odom recently went back to court demanding the pastor be found in contempt because he refuses to follow court orders. She accuses him of not providing her with his address for their son’s medical card and she claims he is periodically late on his payments to her.
Odom is asking for a revised court order to make sure Bryant pays on time. She sought to have him thrown in jail for contempt until he makes right all that she believes he has wronged.
On May 15, Jamal responded and pleaded with the judge not to throw him in jail, denying that he disobeyed the court order. Further, he wants his ex to pay his legal fees for even having to defend himself against her motion for contempt.