Donald Morton Puts His Soon To Be Ex-Wife Out Of Tabernacle Full Gospel Cathedral 

Posted on May 23, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Rev. Dr. Donald Morton and his wife Lady Nicole Morton are divorcing after six years of marriage.  A member of the Obnoxious Street Committee has submitted a smoking hot report on Donald Morton, who has been on a fast track to soon be bishop in Full Gospel.  However, his getting a divorce might slow his elevation down and and force him to face some tough reality.  

Rumor has it that Donald might be a bit of a Mr. Don Juan and has been busy with the ladies just as much as he has been at the church and community work.  It is said that he has maintained three dealing with three women, one who is also married while he is on his second marriage.  Seems that Donald might have been getting the short end of the stick with his first wife, who according to a source close to the situation did not mind spreading her love around.  

Read the letter sent by a member of the Obnoxious Street Committee close to the situation below:

The Pastor has been busy having multiple affairs on his second wife Nicole. Three affairs, one with a married woman Daishawn Broadwater and another confirmed affair with the second biggest whore in Wilmington Sherrell Murphy.  Sherrell is the second biggest whore because Donald’s former wife Waynna Dobson is the biggest whore out there. She participated in numerous affairs throughout their fourteen year marriage which is why people gave him a pass for cheating on his first wife. We understood why and how he could stray but we can’t understand why he would step out on his wife Nicole. There is a third person however I need to get more confirmation; I only have one source for the third affair, although she is another ratchet mess, I don’t want to ruin someone’s reputation over a rumor.

Lady Nicole hasn’t confirmed any of the rumors about the affairs, but she doesn’t have to because it’s all over town and Dr. Donald Morton is the one running his trap trying to play defense in the matter but is only making himself look more guilty. He is implying that Lady Nicole was confrontational and mean and that’s why he cheated. We haven’t seen that in her at all at, as a matter of fact-we see the complete opposite. 

Cheater #1-Mrs. DaiShawn Broadwater (seen in the red shirt)- is reportedly having problems in her own marriage now as a result of the affair with Dr. Donald. Her husband didn’t take to kindly to his wife’s involvement with the Pastor.


Cheater #2 -Sherrell Murphy seen in the black shirt below reportedly sent threatening emails to Dr. Donald blackmailing him about their affair, not sure what she wanted in return but from her long history in Delaware with using men to take care of her, I am sure that she saw dollar signs and thought he would be handing over checks.


On January 2017 Lady Nicole was asked to leave Tabernacle Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral after she arrived for Sunday service. Bishop Aretha Morton and her “friend” and longtime assistant Elder Ray told Lady Nicole to leave after Dr. Donald started an argument with his wife right before the start of church. Bishop Aretha Morton is not new to kicking people out of church- she kicked out Bishop Greg Davis and his wife from their positions as she decided to come out of retirement. Word on the street is that she did some underhanded stuff to have the church board reinstate her and remove Davis.

Dr. Donald and his wife were installed as Senior Pastor and First Lady of the church in October 2016 and his mother Bishop Aretha Morton retired for the second time. Rumors started to creep around town about Dr. Donald’s erratic behavior soon after he was installed as pastor, yelling at church leaders, and the disrespect shown to his wife during the installation service and afterwards. During a recent church meeting, Dr. Donald announced that he supported same sex marriage, (we wonder if this has to do with the long time rumors of his mother and her friend, Elder Ray’s relationship). The church has a long history of this kind of activity. Needless to say members are outraged and unsure of his intentions. There are also discussions about him mismanaging money, and spending church money on other women…and Mommy Dearest sits back and watches as secret meetings are taking place. Wonder if Bishop is planning her big come back to the pulpit and is trying to work out the details of sitting her son down.

As Dr. Donald goes around town trying to bad mouth his soon to be ex-wife, men are lining up waiting for those papers to be signed, and women are talking about how much of an idiot is he has been. Although there are one or two that have stars in their eyes about getting to the front row of the church and will put up with anything to get that First Lady title. Seems as if Lady Nicole has moved on and recovered nicely, by the looks of her FB page she is living life and being happy (good for her). I am not sure what things are like behind the scenes but in public she is all smiles. She has been a class act, beautiful inside and out. Seems to a rampant state of affairs with these pastors cheating and then being cruel and vain about it, trying to cover it up by blaming the wife for their infidelities ; they seem to have so much going on in the church but the love of Christ and honoring Gods word.

Long time church members are complaining about the decline in attendance and leaders are resigning from long held positions. Dr. Donald has recently changed the service times adding on another service when the one service wasn’t full, the church’s name was changed to Tabernacle Baptist Church (dropping the Full Gospel attachment, as he seemingly dislikes Full Gospel Fellowship), however Bishop Paul Morton and all of the Full Gospel Fellowship crew were good enough to visit and speak at the church his installation in October 2016.


Something ain’t clean in the water at Tabernacle. There is some trickery going on in this house. Aside from has happened to his marriage, its unfair that the church members are feeling uneasy about remaining in the church that they love because of his actions.

Lady Nicole Morton