Florida Eastern Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Of The Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Are Feed Up With The Poor Leadership And Irrational Decisions Made By Bishop Jemmie Williams

Posted on March 31, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……The Saints in Florida have reached out to Obnoxious Media to share the great dilemma they find themselves in since their pastor died.  Eastern Florida Jurisdiction of the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) emeritized Bishop Jacob Choen due to some of the pastors in the jurisdiction complaining to the national church that he was suffering with dementia.  It seems that the men in the jurisdiction are living to regret the decision they made.  Jimmie Williams a superintendent in the jurisdiction and fomer mail man was polled to be the next bishop, but that just might not have been the best decision.  Since Jimmie has been leading the Jurisdiction issues with money of misappropriating funds to poor decisions of jurisdictional appointments and several issues with Churches in need of a pastor.  

Thomas Temple Church Of God In Christ is thought to be a hidden little gold mine due the the million dollars in the church’s bank account.  Prior to the death of the pastor for over thirty years, Superintendent Robinson lead the church in a most successful building fund campaign to eventually build a church.  Unfortunately, Robinson died before he was able to build a church and now in his death all Hell has broken loose to to the hunk and a chunk of money in their account.  Now insiders say that the deceased pastor’s son, Allen Robinson is rumored made off with over $600,000 dollars of Thomas Temple’s money and used it to build a family life center onto his chirch in Atlanta.  However, Obnoxious Media spoke to Allen and he said that he has not taken anything, but was put in place by his father prior to his death to oversee the church’s account.  Thomas Temple Members say that Jimmie Williams has delt them a raw deal just because he has been trying to find a slick way to deplete the money in the bank.  It is customary for a church without a pastor to give an offering to the Jurisdictional Prelate, who serves as the interim pastor or his designee until the bishop appoints a new pastor.  Not sure way Jimmie Williams keeps looking over all the men in his jurisdiction and brings in men from other cities when a church pastoral position is available.  

 Members of the jurisdiction was not pleased that Jimmie Williams brought in Shawn Jarrett form Detroit, where he was pastoring and had to be relocated to Florida.  A number of men already living in the state and having grown up in the jurisdiction were overlooked to now his making Robert Scott, who has a know criminal past and alleagedly warrant for his arrest presently.  Recently leaders of the jurisdiction refused to continue to pay the young minister Jimmie Williams appointed director of public relations for the jurisdiction   Scott is to be paid five hundred dollars a week, but somehow two checks this month managed to have possibly fraudulent made the checks out for $5,000 dollars.  Scott was busted red handed and got $10,000 dollars out of the church.  Insiders at the church say that Wells Fargo has launched an investigation to determine just what happened with the fraudulent checks Scott cashed.  Robert Scott is originally from Ohio and said to be the cousin of the lying Darrell Scott that supported Trump.  Still no pastor has been named and the church is in an uproar while a father and son fight because each of them want the position.  None of this seems to bother Jimmie the least bet and he is not interested in pointing a pastor anytime soon.  At this rate it will not be long before Eastern Flordia splits or get rid of Jimmie as their jurisdictional bishop.  Only time will tell.

Read the letter a concerned group of members at Thomas Temple Church Of God In Christ sent us below:  

Anonymous Members

Thomas Temple Church of God in Christ

Pompano Beach, Florida

To Whom this may Concern,


We pray this communique will help us in this church find resolution to some issues that we are having with our elected leadership. It is our endeavor to sanctify the leader in the eyes of the people and so we write this communique with respect to the office of the Bishop. However some actions taken by Bishop Jimmie L. Williams Prelate of Florida Eastern Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction is not in the best interest of our church Thomas Temple Church of God in Christ. Over two years ago, we the members started a petition to advise the leadership of this jurisdiction that we did not agree with the Recommendation of Elder Vincent Robinson to become the pastor.

Over the course of time, we endured several individuals coming to provided pastoral care such as Supt. Dr. Sean R. Jarrett who came a provided solid ministry that begun to increase the membership of the church. After he was abruptly remove without just cause the ministry began to decline spirituality and numerally which you will find this same atmosphere throughout the jurisdiction. Yet, Bishop refuses to deal with the situations that is constantly accruing. Bishop Williams called a church meeting to inform us that we will be voting for our next Pastor. We have had four candidate to come and each of them operated in their various gifts of ministry to allow us time decide. However prior to this, Bishop Williams conducted meetings with the church and we have constantly stated that we did not want certain individuals to be our Pastor.

Recently, Bishop Williams made an appointment to advise the membership that Elder Vincent Robinson will be our newly-elected Pastor. Elder Robinson refuses to pray and anoint people with oil in the church, always have an attitude and is very unapproachable. Furthermore, Bishop Williams stated that Prophet Robert Scott will be in charge until he feels that the appointed pastor is ready to Pastor the church. Prophet Scott is not a member the Church of God in Christ and if you look in him on google he has very bad criminal background that would disqualify him to act in this capacity in our church.

Lastly, after Bishop Williams made his appointments he preceded to say that for everyone that spoke against him “There has been a curse put upon us and it could not remove unless we repent out of our soul in the right way”. Our membership tremendously declining and we are afraid of the current direction that the church is undergoing. There are other details that we are prepared to give you, however please help us with your immediate attention to this crises.

Thanks for your time and consideration

Richly Yours,

Anonymous Members

Thomas Temple Church of God in Christ

Text Messages from the late pastor’ daughter Ivy below:

So this is the Clown who’s in charge of Thomas Temple COGIC . Along with Fake Ass Bishop Jimmy the cricket. I’m dead-ass serious what’s my dad’s name !!
Read more information on Robert Scott below:

Scam victims upset about Robert Scott’s early release

Robert D. Scott Jr. is back in a church ministering some months after being let out of prison early on a 16-month sentence for theft.

Andrew Picek, deputy prosecutor of Clark County, Ohio, said he wasn’t sure why Scott, who was known as Bishop Scott when he was in Anderson, was let out early, but did say there had been changes in Ohio law that allowed first-time offenders to get out early if they complete a program.
The two women Scott scammed are upset that he’s out.
Nicole, who requested her last name not be used because of her recent marriage, said Scott is now involved with a church in Columbus, Ohio. She wondered if Scott was being paid for ministering because he still owes his victim $24,000.
Scott is now called Prophet RD Scott, and he’s affiliated with the Victory Deliverance Church in Columbus, Ohio. This fall he spoke at the church two times, and these talks by Scott have been prominently displayed on the church’s website.
The Herald Bulletin played phone tag with Pastor Jonathan K. Sanders of Victory Deliverance Church, but didn’t connect. Sanders did leave a voice mail.
He said Scott was his friend and the bishops who are over him within the church cleared Scott to minister. Scott last spoke at the church on Oct. 21.
Nicole wonders if Scott is being paid to minister and if any of that money will end up paying back his victim.
Nicole was also scammed by Scott but accepted a court settlement. The second victim, whose name is Charm, last name withheld, is the one whose case eventually sent Scott to prison. Charm lives in Columbus.
“I can’t believe he’s speaking in Columbus,” she said.
Picek said Scott still owes the money to Charm, but the court can’t garnish his wages. He said he advised Charm to retain an attorney and file a civil suit against Scott.
But Nicole said a civil suit might be difficult because, she added, there are numerous suits already filed against Scott. Getting in line might be fruitless.
Scott runs an organization called the Prophetic Empowerment Ministries, according to his Facebook page. The page describes Scott thusly: “Dr. Scott seeks to empower the world spiritually, educationally, politically, economically, culturally and uplift all humanity through the life-changing, uncompromising Word of God.” There are promotions for Scott’s upcoming ministries, including one at Higher Ground Ministries on Nov. 15.
None of this sits well with his victims.
“He’s off and running at a new church,” said Charm.
But Picek had a different take. He said the matter will catch up with Scott sooner or later.
“He’ll do it again,” he said.