Bishop Paul Sylvester Morton Ask Bishop Niel Ellis To Forgive Him At Ellis’ Service Monday Night In Atlanta

Posted on March 30, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Since breaking the story on Chris Hill I have been overwhelmed with calls, text messages, emails, and social media messages from all over the country that I took a few days off and did not post anything.  However, this story is huge!  A member of my Obnoxious Street Committee informed me of this shocking story.  Bishop Neil Ellis and the leaders in his organization, GLOBAL United Fellowship met in Atlanta for their Leaders and Pastors Planning Meeting.  The three days of business meetings and planning sessions for The Gathering that will take place in July.  Not sure of all of the details, but Bishop Paul Sylvester Morton attended on of the evening sessions that transformed into a reconciliation of Paul and Niel.  It was in August of 2013 that Neil Ellis resigned as the 2nd Assistant Presiding Bishop of Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship.  Ellis was delt a dirty deal when he was looked over to be presiding bishop when Paul retired.

 Ellis served Paul faithfully and covered for him when Paul had a complete and total nervous breakdown while preaching at his church in the Bahamas.  The tape that would have been worth millions was destroyed by Ellis and never seen by anyone except for the people that was in the service and witnessed it with thier own eyes.  Although, it was not enough for Paul to not overlook Ellis and call for a vote to name his successor.  Rumor has it that Full Gospel would not have done well with a non US citizens as the presiding bishop.  Joseph Walker was able to seal the deal inspit of having been sued for sexual misconduct by a former member of his church.  Walker settled the case out of court and the details of the settlement were sealed.  No matter how you look at Ellis was done dirty by a man that he served faithfully.  

The Obnoxious Street Committee member said they allowed Paul to address the group and he expressed his love for Bishop Niel Ellis and how proud he was of the work he is doing and GLOBAL United Fellowship success in such a short period of time.  It is said there was not a dry eye in the house due to a number of the members of GLOBAL having left Full Gospel due to the way Ellis was mistreated.  Four years later and the have forgiven each other.  Now what we find amazing here at Obnoxious Media is that Paul Morton submitted himself to Niel Ellis and went to his meeting to get things right.  Very much out of character for the egomaniacal Paul Morton we are accustomed to him being.  Especially because Paul is known for going left when he has the mic like he did when he exposed the man that stopped payment on a check for him preaching and singing at his church.  On the night he was to preach during his convention while live on The Word Network Paul Morton called the man’s name and the name of his church and told him to pay him the money he owes him.  

Well, something special happen this week in Atlanta and talks of some type of coming together is in the works.  It remains to be seen if Joseph Walker goes for it or not or if they will continue as to separate organizations and the two of them are friends again.  Let this be an example to so many of the Saints that need to get things right!  Bet Paul Morton will be invited to preach at The Gathering this July!  

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READ Bishop Paul Sylvester Morton’s Response To Bishop Neil Ellis Leaving Full Gospel–Paul Morton Has Admitted To Lying 40 Years About His Daughter Clearly He Will Lie About A Vote For Bishop!!! 

Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Bishop Paul Sylvester Morton responds to Bishop Neil Ellis’ letter of resignation and leaving the Full Gospel Fellowship. It is amazing that Paul Morton feels Joseph Walker is the right man for the job, but when he had a complete and total nervous breakdown some years back it was his wife and Ellis that held the Full Gospel Fellowship together until he was mentally able to return. Insiders said that Walker was promised the seat even prior to the vote and that some men had serious issues with the leader of Full Gospel being an American. According to Ellis‘ letter there has been some serious discussion about his not becoming the next presiding bishop that would not allow him to continue to serve. It is obvious that Paul Morton is a liar and has lied about his first born child for close to forty years, which was revealed in this very blog on a Wednesday and by the following Sunday he admitted the truth about his child. Therefore, you must realize that if he will lie about his child lying about the outcome of the vote for bishop is nothing.

Read Bishop Paul Sylvester Morton’s response even if it is not worth the sheet of paper it is written on below: