Jackass Jakes Talk Show Cancelled: The Black Pope Proved To Not Have What It Takes For Television  

Posted on March 19, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Tegna’s new show BOLD (Broadcast Online Live Daily) will replace the group’s Jackass T.D. Jakes wannabe talk show on Tegna-owned stations this fall.  What made them think that people wanted to sit and listen let alone look at ugly fat ass Jakes on a daily basis.  He looks ridiculous with his fat belly almost touching the floor trying to interview someone.  Jakes said he was called to be a preacher then be one and stop trying to be a celebrity and get that lie gap fixed.

“We are really proud of T.D. Jakes,” said Bob Sullivan, Tegna senior VP of programming. “The economics of daytime, not Jakes or the quality of the show itself, is what has taken us out of play for the second season, which is frustrating.”
Bob Sullivan tried to dress it up, but we know it was a damn flop, total waste of time and money.  He thought he could use his popularity in church to translate over to secular TV and it did not work.  God is letting these folks know to stay in thier lane and go back to what is supposed to be their first love.  Jakes get back in your pulpit and preach the Gospel and stop trying to be a motivational speaker reciting those feel good messages your team of speech writers are preparing for you.

T.D. Jakes will finish airing this season on stations before they totally pull the plug.  The Black Pope could not make it work and was not appealing enough for television on a daily basises.  this is the second time he tried this so hopefully he has learned his lesson by now.  If not let’s help tell is fat ass that we do not want to hear of see him do anything but preach if that and to much of the Jakes gravy goes all over your plate.  He would have been better off investing that money on weight loss surgery and some porcelain veneers then a failed talk show.

Meanwhile, Tegna and partner MGM are out in the market shopping BOLD to station groups. The show’s name is going to change before it premieres this fall, said Sullivan.

The half-hour strip will be produced at Tegna’s KUSA Denver as a running live news feed, so that stations in any time zone can pick it up on the half-hour and get the most up-to-date stories. Each episode will be continually produced and updated throughout the day with subscribing stations tapping into whichever live feed fits their time period.