Gospel Music Artist James Hall Address Photo And Rumors Of Him In Bed With A Naked Man!

Posted on March 18, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, I said I wasn’t going to tell nobody, but I couldn’t keep it to myself.  Wednesday Morning  bright and early my phone started jumping off the hook with text messages, emails, and social media inbox messages about James Hall.  It was said that it was a photo of the Gospel Music Artist in bed with a naked man.  Half sleep I sat straight up in the bed in shock.  Due to waking me up out of a good sleep it seemed to take me forever to unlock my cell to check my text messages only to be greatly disappointed appointed and relieved that if was not as incriminating as it sounded.  

Come to find out the man in the picture with no shirt is Bishop Jeffery Thomas from North Carolina, who is like a brother to James and took the picture himself and posted it to Instagram.  After it created a firestorm Bishop Thomas removed the picture not as an admission of guilt, but to shut the mouth of the haters.  It is unfortunate that we live in such a day where so many inappropriate things are taking place in chuch and among the leadership that we question and second guess everything.

James Hall issued a statement via his Facebook page at our advise here at Obnoxious Media to put all the talk and rumors to rest.   Now trust us it it was more to thus photo then two buddies horseplaying we would be on the story like white on rice.  Obnoxious Media has exposed a number of Gospel Artist and Preachers, Pastors, and Bishops behaving badly to know if it was more to thus situation.

Read James Hall statement below:

Here are a couple pictures of the good friends no big deal.  Saints get your minds out of the gutter!