Demetrius Sinegal EXPOSED!  A Liar, PJD (Pineapple Juice Drinker), Car Thief, And More!  Lies And That Juanita Bynum Was Coming To His Storefront Church 

Posted on March 15, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Many of you that follow my blog know that three years ago a so called bishop in the Church Of God In Christ by the name of Larry Shaw sued me for reporting on an allegation brought to the national church by a woman named Tawanna Jackson that claimed he sexually violated.  As a result of his legal action a number of other sleaze bag preachers that I had reported on all wanted to form a coalition to destroy me.  The group even attempted to try to take criminal action to try stop me from exposing truth.

One of the leading men was the liar, thief, PJD (Pineapple Juice Drinker, Obnoxious word for on the Down Low) by the name Demetrius Sinegal.  It was revealed to us through our Obnoxious Street Committee that he stole a Jaguar and was unable to be found for months and would not pay the note or inform the dealer where to pick up the car.  He was offering $5,000 to several bishops to consecrate him after he and Orrin Pullings had a parting of ways.  Prior to Orrin having a stroke that neatly killed him he was running Demetrius to all the churches in his organization to preach and prophesy to raise big money.  According to Demetrius he was not with Orrin’s program and implied that he made some inappropriate advances and that he has a recording of Orrin that would destroy his ministry.  Well Orrin aggressively denied it, but said he parted ways with Demetrius when he tried to undermine him and take his organization while he was ill. 

In Chicago two men dressed in drag went to Demetrius room and robbed him of all the cash he had from preaching, which was said to have been close to 30 grad.  According to members of my Obnoxious Street Committee Demetrius had paid one of the men for his time and services (whatever they could have been at early hours of the morning) and he came back with a friend to take all the money he was flashed when he was getting his freak on with him.  Out of all the rooms in a hotel how would two men know where Demetrius was staying and to robb him unless they knew abd had been invited to the room.  Ashamed and embarrassed Demetrius had to call friends for help abd to let him preach to hustle their members for money to make up for what the alleged male escort stole from him.  

This sleaze bag tried to get Geroge Bloomer to consecrate him until it was revealed right here on Obnoxious that he was offering $5,000 to be made bishop.  At that time George was hitting the news due to a member of his fellowship suing him for $300,000 for introducing her and her husband to a pair of scam artists.  When Bloomer backed out on Demetrius that was his second bishop to drop him like a hot potato he went to Winston-Salem to Freddie Marshall, who is nothing more than trash with his having sex and bastard children by members and their daughters.

Now that I laid a foundation for you on this Demetrius Sinegal a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee revealed to me that he is up to his lying ways again!  It seems this month he was supposed to have Prophetess Juanita Bynum to come to his mission (mission is a term we use for a small storefront church with hardly no members) according to a former adjutant to the Mickey Mouse Donald Duck bishop he has about 30 people on a good Sunday.  Which is a total and complete waste of time cause they could do that on a conference call or Facebook Live and save on time and energy of going to that little building he is renting.  Checkout how he lied and promoted the revival at his mission as if Juanita was still coming and he knew that she had cancelled the engagement!

This story on Demetrius is just beginning, in fact he abd the entire group that tried to rise up against Obnoxious has not seen nothing yet!

Strap on your seatbelts because Obnoxious is about to take you for a rough ride!

Read the flyers posted by Demetrius and the dates versus what Juanita posted and the date.