Pentacostal Assemlies Of The World (PAW) Presiding Bishop Charles Ellis From Preachers Of Detroit Steals Church Members Inheritance Left By Her Deceased Grandmother-Listen To The Conference Call  

Posted on March 15, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Pentacostal Assemlies Of The World (PAW) Presiding Bishop Charles Ellis from Preachers Of Detroit might be financing his lavish lifestyle off the backs of his members.  It has been rumored that Ellis has been leading the Greater Grace Church In a number of get rich quick scams and requires members to join his wife’s team of Mary Kay Cosmetics sells and even grove a pink Cadllaic to the church to intice members to become sells representatives.  However, we do know from television that Charles lives a lavish lifestyle like Jay-Z and P. Diddy, but instead of making money from music sells and business ventures like they do he seems to possibly steal it from the Saints.

Obnoxious Media was informed some years ago when former daughter of the ministry burst on to the church scene due to her viedos of her exposing a number of corrupt things going on at Grater Grace.  Special thanks to a member of My Obnoxious Street Committee for bringing this to our attention. Well, we are not sure of the details, but something serious has gone on at Bishop Charles Ellis’ church, Greater Grace. Now, according to the video posted by Dyamond Moore, apparently some concerns she had that was obviously not appreciated by Dana Felton or Bishop Ellis’ wife. Apparently Dana covers for the First family of Greater Grace, and might have been instructed to be take the fall so First Lady Crisette Ellis can maintain her image before the people.

 Church people can be so nicety (nice nasty). Now, you to tell someone you love them, and that they are not to do this or that but never is it said that I want to see you. Preachers Of Detroit got some serious issues at their local churches and the show might be the reason they are coming to the light. Now in all fairness, Obnoxious Media has not been able to reach either of the ladies to get full details on the actual issue. However, we have heard enough to know that Dyamond has been kicked out of the clique, and is clearly not wanted around anymore.

Now back to Charles Ellis, sorry for getting sidetracked on all that foundational information I had to give you.  It is amazing how small the Black Church is and how all the preachers are somehow connected.  Charles took a members inheritance from her family.  It seems that even prior to the church mother’s death Ellis convinced the elderly lady to do a reverse mortgage on her home and give all the money to Charles plus everything else she had in her estate when she died.  Listen to the conference call with Charles Ellis his slick lawyer and a secretary from his church on how he swindled the family and does not plan to return the money below:

Here is the email sent to Obnoxious Media from the granddaughter of the deceased church mother who is also a member of Greater Grace below:

Call w/Bishop, Atty Moore, Aunt Rondalyn. Together the three ensured that I never new about the trust my grandmother created in 1997 and how she had an insurance policy that her trust was directed to use to pay off her debt (including the reverse mortgage she took out and gave to the church)… So not only did she give the church the money from her reverse mortgage… After she died, the Good Bishop, worked with my aunt, and granny’s attorney to keep me from finding the trust and deed conveying the house to me… This was the most disheartening of it all.

I revered him as a father figure since I was a little girl. I can’t believe he would do this to me. But I’m sure money is his only God. As long as he can live in a multi million dollar house with an indoor swimming pool, he can care less about the generational wealth that my grandparents intended me to have via a $120K house.

Click this link to hear the conference call!

Listen To Conference Call With Bishop Ellis His Attorney And Church Secretary