WTF?!?!  Kirk Franklin Likes His Ass Ate

Posted on February 27, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down,  But The Word Of God……Kirk Franklin is obviously having a difficult time adjusting to his getting close to 50.  No longer do we want to see you running around on like a young rapper.  Stop it!  It is time for you to transition into a seasoned artist.  Sit down your Ty Tribbit ways and pick up a Richard Smallwood style.

We knew years ago that Kirk was addicted to porn when he made the gutsy move to sit on Oprah’s coach and tell the world.  However, he obviously still has some serious unresolved issues sexually.  WTF!  Dude you have posed for a picture with your ass up and your wife behind you.  It is not funny, it is not a joke, it is not cute, but disrespectful, and disgusting to who you claim to be in ministry.  So now you are letting the world know you like for your wife to eat your ass?  Not sure what is worst for you to pose like that or for her to be dumb enough to stup down behind you!  You have taken this woman through some serious changes in the past, but thus right her is an all new level even for you!

For yours you have pushed the envelope and because I liked you and your music I have always ways given you a pass.  When you kissed the dude on the forehead on your show Sunday’s Best, the working with secular artists and constantly ushering the world into the church, and most recently your appearance during Chance The Rapper’s performance in that red dress at the Grammys.  It was more of a distraction then good.  It appears that you are fighting to remain relevant and making yourself look like a fool in the process!