Day 3 Of #Prophecology2017 With Vickie Yohe Sharing Her Heart

Posted on February 19, 2017


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Vickie Yohe was the guests musical artist last night at #Prophecology2017 and shared her heart.  During our interview Vickie shared her heart felt devastation of finding out that she cannot have children.  Which is why abortion resinates so heavily with her.  Many people have misinterpreted that disagreeing with Obama and some of his political policies meant you were anti black.  Not so according to Vickie, “I vote kingdom and the principals of God.”

Yohe explained that she adopted to black boys when they were new born and now her sons are 9 and 11.  The artist shared that close to 90 percent of her engagements are at black churches and she felt the church would get more support in the Trump administration.  Vickie and Kim Burrell have been victims of cyber bullying just because they have a different perspective that is based on Biblical principles.  As ministers of the Gospel these women stood in there convictions.

With tear filled eyes Vickie expressed her regret for posting the picture of Jesus with suitcases saying he was headed back to the White House.  Within fifteen minutes a firestorm was created and all over social media.  She took the post down but Byron the time the damage had been done and her intentions were totally misinterpreted.

Watch this touching interview with Vickie Yohe below:

Day 3 of #Prophecology2017 had a little controversy when Bishop Jordan reprimanded Prophet Bernard Awuso for going an hour over his assigned time.  In a very kind fatherly manner he shared that everything is done decently and in order and all of the overtime was actually disobedience.  As a result Bishop Jordan returned over a $40,000 to the people that gave because it was cursed due to it being give out of disobedience.

Intimate conversations in Master Class with Bishop Jordan about preachers children.  Hear Bethany Jordan heart felt words below: