Joseph Walker Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship Presiding Bishop’s Minister Of Music Royce Mosley Busted For Having Enough Dope To Start A CVS-Charged With Possession Of Marijuana, Cocaine, And Oxycontin!!!

Posted on February 13, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God meets Drug Dealers And Killers Strike Again……Well, trouble has hit Joseph Walker’s house again.  Thank God this time it does not involve Walker directly.  However, the minister of music of the Nashville Megachurch where the Presiding Bishop of Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship is the pastor, had to deal with some very serious issues recently Passenger ‘singing’ in automobile leads to drug arrests

A West Monroe man and Antioch, Tennessee man were arrested last week on suspicion of possession of marijuana and cocaine after West Monroe police observed an automobile passenger singing.
Police observed the suspect – later identified as Sheridan Royce Mosley, 37, of 727 Bell Road, Antioch, Tennessee – “flailing about while sitting in a vehicle that was parked in a parking space,” according to the arrest report.
Mosley was making noises and appeared to spasm uncontrollably,” stated the arrest report. “I contacted Mosley to check his wellbeing. Mosley stated he was singing.”
Police detected the smell of marijuana from the automobile. Mosley told police he took medication that was in his hotel room.
Accompanied by police, Mosley opened his hotel room where marijuana and cocaine was observed.
 Devontis Devon Ellis, 24, of 307 Mitchell Lane, West Monroe, was in the hotel room.
Oxycontin pills were observed too, for which Mosley could not produce a prescription.
Ellis and Mosley were booked at Ouachita Correctional Center for having enough drugs to start a CVS drugstore!
Now this leaves a great deal of unanswered questions.  Why were these two sharing a hotel in a city where they lived?  Secondly, why would Royce park and get high instead of going back to the hotel room which was the obvious reason the two of them booked the room?

Obnoxious Media has reached out to both of the men and yet to hear back from them.  We have also contacted Bishop Walker’s office for a statement, but has not heard back.  

Vashawn Mitchell has been hired to replace Royce Mosley and started at the beginning of this year.