Hezekiah Walker Issues A Shady Response To Jesse Davenport’s Allegation That Is Not A Positive Reflection Of A Man Of God 

Posted on February 13, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Hezekiah Walker issues a response to Jesse Davenport’s allegations on Facebook.  There is not correct way to respond to an attack or allegation launched aganist other than to remain quite.  It is without debate Hez has created some phenomenal music and remains at the top of his craft twenty plus years later and we have watched him grow as a minister of the Gospel and preacher.  Success and celebrity status brings some unfortunate occurrences as well that the church has yet to tackle well.  Megachurch pastors and Gospel Artist often what the fame of their mainstream counterparts, but all of a sudden want to tuck their tail and hide when the negative aspects of fame hits their reality.  If you want fame, then fame costs and right here is where you start paying.  

Unfortunately, we have two men that are both pastors and bishops in the Lord’s Church that have a great deal in common especially their ex-wife.  Bishop Walker and Bishop Davenport both were married to Monique and both of the men had difficult divorces from her that was or has become public.  The challenge has been for them to part ways and not attempt to fight or seek revenge due to pain, hurt, and humiliation from mistakes each of the men made in their marriages to Monique.  Last week Jesse Davenport seemed to have been at the end of his rope when he when public accusing Hez of destroying his opportunity to appear on The Word Network, no one has been able to confirm or deny if the allegation is true.  However, Walker did issue a response that is helpful and problematic because he is a preacher.

It was most disheartening to read a Bishop respond in the matter in which Hezekiah does.  Where we are proud he was nominated for a Grammy last night it was so disappointing to hear him quote TD Jakes who said never respond to your critics when they are not on the same status as you.  Well, since that is the case at least in Hezekiah’s mind then why are you responding.  As he stated you are in LA for Grammy weekend then the little guy should not have been on your mind.  Who in the Hell Is TD Jakes to quote instead of the Word of God since you are a defender of the Faith.  He goes on to say he loves his status and the level that he believes he is on, but the Bible says to wear these things as loose garments, which questions what is your first love God or things and your fame.  Perhaps Jesse might have been right because this response indicates the mindset of someone that thinks they have arrived and powerful enough to block someone else.  One bad scandal and it all can be gone.  Scandal or illness can hit your body and it can all be gone in moments.  Seems he would recall that since he had a stroke once before so while this Facebook status might have been an attempt to through shade you really showed who you really are and it is not a nice sight!