Jesse Davenport Calls Out Hezekiah Walker And George Bloomer For Canceling His Appearance On The Word Network-Plus Monique Walker’s Love Triangle With Two Ex-Husbands And Darryl Hill Revealed!!!  

Posted on February 11, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God meets I Said I Wasn’t Going To Tell Nobody, But I Can’t Keep It To Myself……OMG!  Well, last night my phone went to blazing while I was doing Facebook Live with Sir William when a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee hit me with the Breaking News!  Bishop Jesse Davenport obviously has reached his breaking point and is very close snapping and it is not going to be pretty!  The drama is so long detailed and involves a great number of people.  Now strap on your seatbelts cause I am about to take you for a very bumpy ride!

Jesse went live last night and called out Hezekiah Walker accusing him of using his influence to get Jesse’s appearance on Bishop George Bloomer’s show on The Word Network cancelled.  OMG!  Here we go!  Jesse married the ex-wife and mother of Hezekiah’s only child Monique Walker and it was trouble from the start.  Now according to rumors Monique was best friends with Jesse’s ex-wife, who is also named Monique.  The two of the had an affair and got married leaving Jesse’s ex devastated.  We can only imagine how terrible she moist have felt to loose her man to her girl that she loved and trusted.  Based upon how Jesse and Monique Walker hooked up it was trouble from the start.

Jesse Davenport Calls Out Hezekiah Walker and George Bloomer  

It seems based upon countless conversations last year with Jesse and Monique they played tit for tat with each other.  Long story short Monique was always a little apprehensive about Jesse and his possible dealings with women.  She said that he had sex with one of his secretaries five years prior to their getting together plus she knew how the two of them connected showed what they were capable of when it came to sexual encounters.  Jesse sold his father’s funeral home or some business in New York and moved to Charlotte to establish his ministry with his wife Monique.  However, he hired a girl to work as his administratior that had more then ministry on her mind.  The first mistake Jesse made that was the beginning of the end was going out of town with her knowing she had the hots for him.  

 Jesse got those guys Hez and Bloomer might not be ready

The following Sunday when Jesse and his so called administratior returned Monique asked her to step outside for a talk woman to woman that got loud so they moved to the car.  Monique told the young lady that she was not comfortable with her working Jesse and especially not their traveling together alone.  It was Monique’s plan to have her quit on her own and her husband would have never known, but the whore was brasion and refused.  Jesse dismissed service and people were coming out and aware there was an obvious altercation with Monique.  Instead of Jesse finding out form Monique what happened he asked his administratior and said he would talk to his wife later at home.  She told Monique that she would never recognize her as her co-pastor and had no respect for her at all.  Jesse decided the flollowing Sunday to remove Monique as Executive Pastor and say she was just simply the First Lady.  Now that was not a very smart move and Jesse was not ready for Monique to get some revenge of her own.  Jesse required Monique to drop her ex-husband’s last name and go by Monique Davenport, which she did and agreed.  However, so connection happen with Hez and Monique that rekindled their friendship.  After years of not speaking the two of them became cordial.  

All of this happened not long before the anniversary of Hezekiah Walker’s Love Fellowship Crusade Chior and Monique made it a point to attend especially since Jesse had publicly humiliated her before their church in Charlotte.  Well not only did Monique do that, but she went on a trip for her daughter’s birthday to Orlando, Florida and stayed in Hez’s mansion there instead of a hotel.  Jesse and Monique’s daughter never seemed to get along and it might have been due to the tension she was exposed to between her mother and Jesse.  The tumultuous marriage was just doomed form the start and both of them have done ugly and low down things to each other out of insecurity and hurt.  Jesse divorced Monique and they lived separately for a while, but kept up a appearances before thier.  In fact members found out they were divorced right here.  

 Now if you do not think that was enough drama it gets better.  Monique had time to clear her head and see where she was also at fault but wanted her man back.  After trying all she could to win Jesse back she made one last desperate attempt.  Monique reached out to Jesse’s best friend Darryl Hill that is the so called overseer of some off brad organization he is attempting to start.  Well, according to Jesse, Darryl took advantage of Monique and had sex with her during times they were spending to assit her in winning Jesse back.  This serious beef started between to former best friends that are now arched enemies.  Additionally, it seems that Monique was gaining quite the reputation of being a not so nice church girl that we thought she was.  Jesse began to lash out and go public on social media about his feelings for Darryl and his plan of retaliation.  Jesse has suffered a lot in this failed marriage with Monique and seems to be at the point of snapping.  

Read a screenshot of Jesse calling out Darryl on Instagram 
 Monique is caught in a serious love triangle with both of her ex-husbands:  Hezekiah Walker, Jesse Davenport, and her Jumpoff Darryl Hill

You all need to know all that background information to to understand why Jesse went live on Facebook last night and called out Hezekiah Walker.  Jesse shared that we was supposed to appear on Bishop Gerorge Bloomer’s live show on Friday night, but according to him he got a call from Bishop George Bloomer canceling his appearance.  Jesse said he feels it was due to Hezekiah calling and using his influence to shut him down.  He implied that he was not playing on the same team as Hez and basically accused him of some ungodly behavior and tendencies.  Jesse even shared that he has asked to have a meeting with Hez to bring closure, but it has gone unanswered so not he went public.  No one will ever know the truth as to why Bloomer cancelled Jesse, but it could have certainly been the call of a bishop that out ranks Jesse in some major ways.  In fact Jesse thinks Monique and Hez are trying to destroy him and his ministry, which is why Hez is assisting Monique in planting a church in Charlotte.  So not Jesse has a serious beef with his former friend Darryl Hill, Hezekiah Walker, and George Bloomer.  Now when all the ex-thugs lock horns it is going to get ugly and someone might get seriously hurt or killed.

 Bishop Hezekiah Walker and his daughter on the day of he consecration

Jesse Davenport brags about his being a thug from the street and just so happen to get saved, but he admits he has not ever really let go his old nature and came close to not being consecrated as a bishop due to all this turmoil in his personal life.  During a heated argument he told Monique she laid down with questionable man and gave birth to a demon!  This guy likes to lash out and go public, but then wants to play the victim when it gets heated.  Jesse has to come to the conclusion that his name did not out rank Hez’s name with Bloomer and he got shut down so since you singing like a canary tell all of it.  Leave no stone unturned.  What was the real reason Hez and Monique divorced?  We have heard rumors for years that Hez and Monique are a modern day Walter and Tramaine Hawkins.  Now Hez is no push over and will not take Jesse threats laying down.  Obnoxious Media will never forget the fight Hez had with John P. Kee backstage at an Easter Concert.  Let me tell you when those two big jokers went at it is was nothing to do, but get out the way.  Obnoxious Media will keep you informed on how this all plays out!