Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) General Supervisor Of Woman Asked To Step Down!!!  Check Out Bishop Charles Edward Blake’s New Appointments NOW!!!

Posted on February 9, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Capital Hill has nothing on the Church Of God In Christ!  You all thought Trump’s Executive Orders has sent America in an uproar Bishop Charles Edward BLAKE’s laying down the law in the Grand Old Church.  Thank God he is sitting Mother Rivers down since she was not wise enough to step down on her own.  It has been 20 years and three Presiding Bishops and it is time for her to retire.  Bishop Blake and Dr. Barbara McCoo Lewis are an awesome team and built the largest jurisdiction in the history of the Church Of God In Christ.  

The Saints gathered in Little Rock for the Leadership Conference this past January where new appointments are generally announced, but Charles Edward threw a curve ball the church was not expecting when he announced he would reveal his new appointments at the Spring Call.  Little did we know that he was having a retreat for the General Board this week in Tucson, Arizona.  In a shrewd manner Blake has made new appointments during a private session where he cannot be sawed from his decision.

Just in……Obnoxious Media has confirmed Rivers is out!  Lewis is in as General Supervisor.  Dr. Rita Veronica Womack is out as the Department of Evanglism Elect Lady and Dorinda is said to be in not sure if they will name a new assistant or if that position will dissolve.  Michael Golden has been named Director of the Men’s Conference.  Rudolph is the new Adjutant General, not sure if he will remain the Scribe or name a new one.  Gatlin is not out as Director of Sunday School, not sure why it was being said that he had been removed.  Surprisingly Ben Stephens is safe although he had the plagiarism scandal, but Andre Castro seems to have taken the fall for him.  Joyce Rodgers is still chair lady, but it is time for her to do something else.

Just in……As I was writing this post a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee sent me Bishop Blake’s letter, read it below: