Final Viewing Of Bishop Eddie Lee Long Laying In State In His Casket In Full Chior Dress–MediaTakeOut And Other Sites Are Posting My Pictures And Not Giving Proper Credit To Obnoxious And Sir William G. McCray, III

Posted on January 27, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, for years people have stole my work and not given me credit, but this year it will stop.  The African Sleaze Bag Fred that owns MediaTakeOut has posted my photos of Bishop Eddie Lee Long and is so low down he would not even give me credit.  The so called attorney should have enough sense and integrity to thank me for the photos, but know he is such scum that he would not even say he got them from me.  Not he tried to discredit me on a story I broke on Mayor Kasim Reed and Young Dro after he was paid.  

However, this takes the cake so let ,e set the record straight!  The only two photos you see of Bishop Long are mine and no one else got any of his remains except me and if you see them on any other site know they came from Obnoxious Media and everyone else is a fake lair and fraud.  Fred at MediaTakeOut is so dumb he said bishop was laid out like a king, which is false he was properly laying in state in a bishop’s full Chior dress.  Obnoxious Media has broke many stories for close to a decade like Juanita Bynum and Bishop Weeks fight, Paul Morton’s unknown daughter, and countless others.  Mainstream media especially Cox Communications quotes my work all the time and not give me proper credit, but when other bloggers try it is Ti,e to call them out.

Obnoxious Media is an authority on African American Entertainment and News.  If you want the inside scoop with accuracy and details then this is the place to come.  It was this very outlet that broke the store that Bishop Long had cancer and he confirmed it two days later.  Obnoxious Media constantly leads the pack and it is not time to give credit where it is due.  So what it you do not like me, but respect me and my work.  

You have officially been chocked by the Bow Tie!