Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Bishop Frank Otha White Has Died At 77

Posted on January 20, 2017


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Obnoxious Breaking News!  Bishop Frank Otha White, Prelate of the Third Ecclesiastical Eastern New York Jurisdiction and former General Board Member has died.  

Bishop Frank Otha White



 Brilliantly favored among noble men, South Carolinian native Bishop Frank Otha White is the principal architect of the towering Freeport landmark, the Zion Cathedral Church of God in Christ whose royal structure stands tall across the skyline of Long Island’s South Shore in New York.

Under Bishop White’s more than 40 years of pastorate, Zion’s membership has grown to well over 1,500, actively involved in more than 25 fully operational ministries for children, youth, adults, singles, couples, senior citizens and the entire family. Along with this visible contribution to the religious community, Bishop White is both a spiritual father and friend to the entire ecumenical community, admired for enlisting fellowship with Long Island’s largest representation of Christian organizations, religious bodies and inter-faith endeavors.

Known for his visionary predisposition, Bishop White sits as the Founding Chief Executive Officer of the Cedarmore Corporation — the subsidiary Social Services Arm of Zion Cathedral specializing in youth related educational activities. He is also the Founding President of the Conference ofClergy of Long Island. The scope of servicewhich BishopWhite fulfills with distinction touches upon every vital theme of Long Island Life: From his contribution as benefactor of the Freeport High School ScholarshipCommittee to his sponsorship of the Economic OpportunityCouncil Summer Basketball Team for Boys.

Bishop White, who holds the distinction of Honorary Deputy Mayor of Freeport, is the recipient of a broad library of citations and awards from nearly every level of government, business, religion, education, civic life and community relations. Among these awards is the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Award for Distinguished Community Service awarded by the Freeport Human Relations Committee.

In recognition ofBishopWhite’s distinguished contribution to the Church, he was honored him with theCharles Harrison MasonAward named for the Church’s Founding Father. In 2008, BishopWhite was elected by the General Assembly of the Church of God in Christ to serve on the General Board. His re-election in 2012 was favored with Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake’s appointment of Bishop White as Assistant Secretary of the General board.

From the upstate borders of NewYork extending to the farthest points of eastern Long Island – more than 500 miles covered by his jurisdictional oversight – Bishop White is known as a genuine friend of the ecclesiastical society which he serves, a highly respected colleague in civic circles, and a trusted, deeply influential dignitary among his constituents – a prolific theologian, a benevolent philanthropist, awidelycited expositor, a published scholar, and a religious educator, BishopWhite, with on everyfrontier, passionatelymoves everyenterprise and harnesses everyresource to cultivate a stronger society.

Bishop White is the loving husband of 56 years of Dr. Juliet L. White Bishop and Mrs. White are the parents of one son, Bishop Frank Anthone, four accomplished daughters and the grandparents of five.