Bishop Eddie Lee Long’s Death Has Social Media In An Uproar 

Posted on January 19, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……The news of Bishop Eddie Long’s death rocked Atlantans, the nation, the world, and especially those connected to New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. The longtime pastor died early Sunday morning on Jan. 15 after battling what his church called “an aggressive form of cancer.” His death has drawn a strong reaction from people on social media, both positive and negative.

The story breaking of the four young men filling lawsuits claiming Bishop Long groomed them to have sexual relationship with has rocked the church in a way no other scandal as ever.  Bishop Eddie Long’s scandal hits the very core of you.  How can a man that did so much possibly privately be a villain?  It seems that Bishop Long was a black Jerry Sinduskey.  Perhaps if he was ever marched out of his huge church in handcuffs people would feel better.  God allowed to escape jail with the investment fraud that took place at his church when he endorsed Ephern Taylor.  Again that was another lawsuit settled out of court. People are angry because they never got closure and will never know his side of what actually happen.  This story was so powerful it caused CNN Reporer and Host Don Lemon to come out of the closet on live television and admit he had been sexually violated as a teen.  This death has resonated with people in a very impactful way.

Below are some of the things being said on Social Media about Eddie Long that has him a trending topic: