Busted!!  Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Elder Ryan Keyes Fired And Banned From Pitt County Schools For Allegedly Having Sex With A Male Colleague In His Classroom 

Posted on January 12, 2017


Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……My Obnoxious Street Committee takes us back to Charlotte, North Carolina.  It seems that Elder Ryan Keyes was quickly dismissed along with a fellow male colleague from teaching in Pitt County Schools.  After some research we have discovered here at Obnoxious Media that Ryan Keyes was not only fired, but banned from stepping foot on any school in the county ever again.  

Insiders have informed us that Ryan, who was a teacher in the school district was caught by a student with another male teacher in an extremely compromising position.  We have not been able to verify if the two men were actually having sex, but was said to have been in some sexual situation that demanded immediate dismissal and warranted Elder Ryan Keyes to be banned from all Pitt County Schools.  Not certain if this is for life or a specific time period.  Most interesting for a preacher in the largest African American Pentacostal Denomination the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) that came under fire two years ago after the homophobic sermon preached on Saturday on the Holy Convocation.

Charlotte recently lost the NBA All Star game due to the city not being willing to allow gay men that identity as females from using the restroom of their choice.  A number of COGIC pastors that live in North Carlonia held a press conference expressing their right to believe homosexuality is a sin.  Some felt that the Church Of a God In Christ should have pulled their Auxiliaries In Ministry Convention from Charlotte along with the NBA and a number of other organizations that pulled their conventions as well.  The Presiding Bishop Charles Edward Blake, Sr. even publicicly apologized for the rant by the speaker during the Convocation two years ago.  If Rayan is in fact a Pineapple Juice Drinker (Obnoxious Media’s word for on the Down Low) and living a double life then his dirty little secret is out and has caused him to be unemployed.  

Obnoxious Media reached out to the Human Resources Department at Pitt County Schools and got confirmation that Ryan Keyes is no longer with the district, but could not go into details.  Little information has been able to be obtained about the man who was busted with Ryan and also lost his job, but it is just a matter of time before his name surfaces.  In light of Pastor Kim Burrell’s recent remarks on the topic of homosexuality and a former member of the Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) this may be another opportunity for the national church to address the controversial topic.  All the COGIC gay boys need to tell the names of all the Pineapple Juice Drinkers in the church that are living double lives to prevent further hypocrisy in the Grand Old Church and continued scandal.  

Obnoxious Media has reached out to Elder Ryan Keyes via cell phone and social media and all our attempts have been ignored.

 Read the email sent to me by a member of my Obnoxious Street Committee about Ryan Keyes below:

Mr. Obnoxious,

What’s up.. something big is brewing in the greater Nc jurisdiction and of the COGIC. The jurisdictions pride and joy….Elder Ryan Keyes is being exposed for his secret homosexual lifestyle. He’s the Vice/Chairman of NC AIM and the son of the self-righteous, most holier than Thou jurisdiction supervisor of women ..mother h Keyes.

According to my source at the Pitt County school sister, Prince Ryan, along with a male colleague, was abruptly dismissed from the school system for improper sexual conduct. The two gentlemen were caught pleasuring each other in a classroom. Which is extremely interesting considering Ryan’s recent message at the 2016 Pre-Aim Rally in Myrtle Beach where he talked about many Fast women wanting him and coming after home. Baby, he don’t want you.

Members of both the Pitt County School Staten and even members of the local church knew of this incident but Mother Keyes and her sources kept the situation quiet until now.

There’s a lot of hatred for Elder Keyes in the GNC jurisdiction because of his self righteous attitude and his spoiled nature. Ryan is a extremely weird relationship with his mothers he’s seen time after time as her personal adjutant and even walks and preaches like her (which is strage since he is acting like a woman) but not honest about liking men!
Earlier this year, it was rumored and has been confirmed by several people that Ryan has been traveling preaching with a female in an attempt to dispel rumors that he is in fact an undercover faggot.  He would go through all that trouble to cover up that he actually like to get freaky with men.

Road companion. I guess he fell like if he can serve his mom, he can have a lady adjutant. This lady has shown up with him everywhere from the Jurisdiction temple to the local hotels in Charlotte while speaking at a youth conference. Such a great example for our young people to keep up this lie at the expense of the jurisdiction!