Gay Pastor Curt Thomas Of Los Angeles Affirming Church Has A Public Break-Up With His Boyfriend On Social Media-Checkout Screeshots And All Right Now Of These Ghetto Gays! 

Posted on January 11, 2017


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……All good things come to an end.  You first learned of Pastor Curt Thomas back in 2014 when he established an affirming church in Los Angeles.  Pastor Thomas and his lover Ricky DeShaun Miller had a long distance relationship and spent most holidays and special occasions together, but that obviously was not enough.  Over their five year run Rick never officially moved to Los Angeles to be with Curt, which did not prove to be successful for their relationship.  The two men have let the cat out the bag on social media.  Pastor Curt Thomas declared his love for his ex in a Facebook post, but said they have decided to go their separate ways.  Now we know same-sex relationships always seem to end in tough break ups.  Face it gay men are far to  promiscuous to have a successful long distance relationship even if you are so-called saved.  It remains to be seen what his Bishop Oliver Clyde Allen will have to say about the public breakup and how it will effect the church.  Perhaps if it was some infidelity Curt might have to step down as pastor or at least serve some type of suspension.

 Now this is the second time that we have reported on these affirming churches putting the cart before the horse.  Stop saying your boyfriend or piece is your first gentleman when you damn well the two of your are not married.  Five years was more then enough time for these two men to workout their relationship.  Hell these two fags were not even married!  No excuse since the Supreme Court has made gay marriage legal.  The last imposter was Mike Heard and Leigh, who had an affirming church in Cincinnati and the two of them came to find out was not married and the church church disbanded.  Mike Heard is back in Atlanta an no telling where his ex-boy fiend is now.  It is safe to say Black Male Homosexual relationships do not work even if the claiming salvation.  One of the so-called spiritual sons is distraught over the discovery his dads are not his dads and the wedding on 7/7/17 will not be happening.  Curt can have a revival or conference or something instead.  According to insiders close to this messy situation Curt has outed Rick on Facebook due to his being heart broken and feeling jilted.  Word is that Rick is the Minister of Music at Shiloh Missionay Baptist Church in Decatur, Alabama and his life with Curt was a hidden secret.  Members of my Obnoxious Street Committee say Rick abruptly broke it off with Curt and was not ready or willing to come out the closet.  Seems Rick was a Pineapple Juice Drinker (Obnoxious word for on the Down Low) before Curt outed him for breaking up with him.  Curt had Rick’s cell phone cut off due to his paying the bill and Lord only knows what else the good pastor was paying for Rick.

  Mike Heard and his lover did not make it.  The couple never got legally married and their church disbanded. Black Gay Church Opening In Cincinnati-Pastor Mike Heard And First Gentleman Leigh Set To Start The Good Life Church

 According to Kim Burrell homosexuals were going to die if they brought that perverted spirit into the new year.  Well this might be the beginning of her prophesy being fulfilled.  Perhaps it was not a physical death, but a spiritual one.  This all just seems to be a bunch of foolishness and playing going on in the Name of Jesus anyway.  These guys need to get themselves together and stop playing church.  Now the two are going their separate ways and it remains to be seen if it will tear Curt’s church up like it would in a traditional setting.


Obnoxious Media has learned the Ricky DeShuan Miller might not be able to move to LA to be with Curt due to his criminal history in Huntsville!  Checkout his recent mugshot and booking information below:

 Read our original report on Curt Thomas below:  

Openly Gay Pastor Curt Thomas Opens A Affirming Church In Los Angeles–Find Out The Connection To The Vision Church Of Atlanta
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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Or this might just be the handy work of God. More and more men are coming out in the church, professional sports, and the like. It seems these men are tired of living a lie and up to someone else’s definition. Curt Thomas is one in the list that is yet counting of men that are saying it LOUD, they are Gay a and Proud. No longer going to be tolerated, but starting a church where same gender loving people can be appreciated.

Now read the details below:

Pastor Curt Thomas has opened his own church after finding there was “no love” for him in traditional worship settings. His former church forced him out when they found out he was gay and Thomas decided it was time to start his own ministry. In 2008, the pastor who is originally from Pasadena returned to Los Angeles having served in three other churches as youth pastor.

Before setting out to open the church known as Renewed Church of Los Angeles, Thomas was mentored by many gifted men of God. One man in particular was Bishop Oliver Clyde Allen III; it was under his tutelage that Thomas received the courage to develop his own church.



Bishop Allen is the founder and senior pastor of Vision Church of Atlanta where he serves with his partner, First Gentleman Rashad Burgess (First G). He is also the presiding bishop of the United Progressive Pentecostal Church Fellowship, which consists of leaders and ministries all joined to the same vision. It is under this covering where Renewed Church of Los Angeles abides.
Bishop Allen is part of the LGBT community and has been an openly gay pastor since his church was established in 2003. Being one of the premiere openly gay pastors Bishop Allen and his life partner caught a lot of grief from many of his colleagues but did not let others opinions stop him from walking in the realm he felt called to. Unlike several traditional worship settings many have said when they visited Bishop Allen and his First G’s church there is so much love in the building negativity has no room to flourish.

The Renewed Church of Los Angeles first opened its doors in October 2011 as a direct result of Bishop Allen’s influence. The church meets on Sundays at 12:30 p.m. for Praise and Worship, Bible enrichment and a weekly sermon. The church’s overarching theme is, “This is a place you can be you!!!” The mission of this church is to create an environment where all people are accepted, encouraged and enlightened through practical Bible lessons, worship and community involvement.

At Renewed Church everyone is accepted with unconditional love. This is a ministry that enforces the principle of acceptance because Jesus broke down the barriers that have divided people into categories of clean verses unclean. The only requirement to connect with God is a willing heart that is open to receive his unconditional love and forgiveness.

Everyone is worthy of God’s love and any faith community which excludes, judges or is intolerant of people is operating outside of the model exampled by Jesus.

The majority of the church’s congregation falls into the category of those who identify as same gender lovers (SGL) or homosexuals. Thomas says although Renewed Church welcomes homosexuals with open arms, sexuality has very little to do with the mission of the church as a whole.

It is not about being gay; it’s about your relationship with God which is much more important than your sexuality. We focus on your spirituality first and then your sexuality while most churches focus on your sexuality first.

Renewed Church is housed in the back of Jewel’s Catch One club. Members and visitors are ushered inside by way of a red carpet as they pass walls covered with photos of local black heroes within the LGBT community. These local heroes helped pave the way for the advancement of LGBT rights in the Los Angeles area. The photos are there to empower viewers that they too can make a difference in the community with God’s help.

Jewel’s Catch One opened its doors in 1972 as the nation’s first black gay and lesbian disco. Having evolved with the times, the venue now serves as both a high energy dance club and community center welcoming everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation. The club also focuses on raising awareness and financial support for their alternative non-profit medical clinic, the Village Health Foundation.

The 35-year-old pastor is not afraid of any challenges that may arise from his position. He knows that his presence is necessary and that Renewed Church is a link in the chain of an awakening that has been slowly coming. Thomas said one of his challenges is being sensitive to each member’s gender identity and expression of their sexuality. It is important to address people respectfully and that includes being aware of how they identify themselves.

Pastor Curt Thomas has opened his own church after being ex-communicated from his previous church for being homosexual. Thomas said his church seeks to make homosexuality normal. He is a pastor who loves God, people and his boyfriend. No one that attends his ministry will ever have to worry about living a double life because he has an open door policy of service and understanding. His goal is to help eradicate the shame associated with homosexuality, especially among the household of faith. This church will be a sure success with California being far more accepting and the hometown of Bishop Allen.