Bishop Victor Tyrone Curry Pastor Of New Birth Miami Has Suffered A Massive Stroke And Not Expected To Survive!!!

Posted on January 11, 2017


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Obnoxious Breaking News! We are in prayer for Bishop Victor Tyrone Curry, who suffered a massive stroke Tuesday.  According to sources very close to the situation the pastor of New Birth Baptist Church Cathedral of Faith International in Miami is in critical condition.  Curry is one of the spiritual sons of Bishop Eddie Lee Long.  Long is suffering with cancer and Curry has been filling in for him often since he has been out ill.  It is obvious that Victor Curry has put on a significant amount of weight and the demanding itinerary of two megachurches may have proven to be more than he could handle at this time.  Hopefully helping his Spiritual Father has not proven to be to stressful and kills him.  He is in a coma!

It is no secret that all eyes have been on the Bishop Eddie Lee Long, who is wasting away before the world’s very eyes.  New Birth had not been the same since the sexual allegations and lawsuits brought forward by five young men, four of which filed lawsuits and rumored to have been awarded $20 million dollars to settle out of court.  The New Birth has never been nor will ever be the same.  Although, a remnant of men like Victor Tyrone Curry that have stood with Long.

Obnoxious Media is waiting on details and will keep our readers informed of his condition.  We are following this story closely.  Keep Bishop Victor Tyrone Curry and New Birth Miami in your thoughts and prayers.