Social Media Is In An Uproar Over Kim Burrell Remarks On Homosexuality!!  

Posted on December 31, 2016


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Everything Going Down, But The Word Of God……Gospel singer and pastor, Kim Burrell is under fire for remarks on homosexuality during a sermon she recently delivered . Recorded by someone who was in attendance, the 44-year-old talks about gays being “perverted”, “delusional” and even touches on Pastor Eddie Long’s bout of illness being linked to his allegedly sexual trysts with gay men.

“That perverted homosexual spirit, is a spirit of delusion and confusion and has deceived many men and women,” she says in the clip. “The homosexual spirit is angry and comes up against ya, ‘You gotta love everybody.’ You cannot get instruction about holiness with that much emersion… You are perverted!

The sermon comes days before she’s suppose to appear on The Ellen Show with Pharrell Williams, in promotion of her song on the soundtrack for Hidden Figures. Host Ellen Degeneres is gay and has been happily married to her wife, Portia di Rossi for eight years.

In response to all the backlash, Burrell addressed the issue on Facebook Live which can be found here.

However, the black gay church going guys need to shut up and continue to take the abuse that they have grown accustomed to in Chuch and not try to make the Bible say something it does not just to accomdate their sin.  She was at church preaching and expressed her Spritual beliefs and Holiness Is Still right rather you like it or not.

Black Gay Church Guys are double minded and unstable and one minute like like the abuse and the next they want to justify it.  Now when we call out DL men and people living double lives here on Obnoxious then you get mad and want to damn me to Hell.  You Pineapple Juice Drinkers and going to lap up what Kim said and any other preacher just like a dog that returns to his vomit.  If you do not like it so much stop bitching and moaning about it on Social Media and take a stand, but you are to weak to do that cause you want your cake and eat it too.  There are so many mentally ill church guy sitting in church, preaching and singing about a Haven they have been taught they can never obtain.  The church would not have so many gay boys if they would expose all the Pineapple Juice Drinkers that have molested so many guys, but no one exposes it.

Constantly Obnoxious Media is Attacked for exposing truth, but the same ones that attack us for not keeping quite is the same Church Sissy that Kim is talking about in the clip.  Stop being double minded and tell the truth and stop living a lie and keep secrets!

Now I dare all the gay boys to come out!  You already out for the most part, but you think you are living a lie and your secret is something that no one else knows about but you and the men you creep with after midnight.  Shut the Hell up!