Federally Indicated Wiley Jackson Looses Both Of His Churches Due To Forrclosure And Has Been Evicted! 

Posted on December 31, 2016


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Gospel Tabernacle Church in Atlanta has been lost due to forrclosure and evicted.  Wiley Jackson’s last service was On December 18, 2016.  The troubled pastor was kicked out of both of his locations according to the Obnoxious Streeet Committee.  Wiley and some of his key members was frantically calling around trying to raise $5 million dollars, but did not have the connections to make it happen.  Insiders say he called several wealthy folks in Atlanta that was not willing to loan him good money after bad.  Wiley and his members got put out before Christmas just like Andre Landers.  Just so you will know we were aware of this long ago, but was trying to enjoy the Christmas Holidays and take a little time off work!

Georgia megachurch that reportedly boasted of several location andtelevision ministry and large congregation in its heyday was booted from its lavish 2,500 seat sanctuary ahead of Christmas due to his not making good on his loan.

Wiley Jackson has certainly been a troubled pastor and the past few years have proved to not be good for him.  Back in 2012 he and his brother were federally indicated on eight counts of investment fraud.  Back in 2015 he fired Sunday’s Best Contestant DeAngelo Gardner without warning and refused to give him his final paycheck.  Read the previous reports below:

Bishop Wiley Jackson Indicted On Eight Counts Of Investment Fraud
Bishop Wiley Jackson Fires Sunday Best Contestant DeAngelo Levon Gardner Via E-mail And Refuses To Give Him His Final Paycheck
Now the old man is starting over again and meeting in Alonzo Crim School Auditorium, which is across the street from the church he lost.  We are surprised that as ruthless as Wiley Jackson is that he did not burn the church down rather then face the public humiliation of loosing everything!  It must be awful to have to drive up next door to the property he was kicked out of after all these years.  Wiley has a long history and track record of being low down and mistreating his staff and people that worked for him.

Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God… Insiders informed Obnoxious Media that something very serious was happening At Wiley Jackson’s church. In fact on this past Sunday he had a meeting with key members and leaders in his his ministry about assisting him with a very large amount of money he needed to raise in a very short period of time. According to good Gospel Tabernacle Church snitches they are raising Wiley Jackson $1 million dollars for his birthday! Seems he is going to need that hunk and chunk to stay out of prison because the birthday drive has turned to a defense fund. Well, we all know why now! One thing that is clear is that a new church administrator by the name of Brintza Miles was very difficult to get along with and fired a number of church employees without out reason. In fact, Nannaine Culpepper, sister of the Late Maurice Culpepper was released of her job at midnight following a service. It has always been rumored that Wiley was a sleaze bag that stayed one step ahead of the law. Rumors flooded the church going individuals back when his house off of Hugh Powell Road in Stone Mountain, Georgia went into foreclose. The preacher’s huge crib with elevator came close to being the cause of his loosing his house and church. However, the slick talking preacher that slaughters the English language each time he grabs the mic, wormed his way out of it just in time. Jackson might join the likes of Anthony Jinwright that had to trade in his custom suits and alligator shoes for the prison jumpsuit and flip flops that he now wears in prision. Wiley and his brother must as dump as they sound to think they could take money for and investment firm that is not even licensed and might not even be a legit business registered with the state.
Read all the detailed facts from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution below:

A DeKalb County grand jury indicted a prominent minister and his brother Thursday, accusing them of selling investments without a license.

The Rev. Wiley Jackson, pastor of Gospel Tabernacle Church, and his brother Rodney Jackson were named in an eight-count indictment, according to District Attorney Robert James. The indictment says the brothers’ company, Genesis LLC, received at least $12,000 from individuals as far back as 2002 through investment contracts the company allegedly was not licenced to issue.

Efforts were made to reach the Jacksons for comment Thursday.

James said the Jacksons are not accused of misusing money from investors.

“These charges don’t allege that either Mr. Jackson stole money,” the DA told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I can’t tell you nor would I tell you they actually took money and misappropriated it for some sort of unlawful purpose for their personal use. I can tell you that they were not licensed to do what they did, and because they did it outside of state regulations, there was no oversight, and these people lost money.”

An online search of the Secretary of State’s incorporation records did not immediately yield information on the formation of Genesis LLC or the kind of investments the company may have sold.

“Genesis was the name they were using to collect money from these individuals,” James said. “At this point, it’s unclear that there ever was a Genesis LLC registered with the Secretary of State.”

The DA said at least two investors were members of Gospel Tabernacle Church, which has locations in Atlanta and Stone Mountain. One member gave Genesis $10,000 in 2002 and another investor gave the company $2,000 the same year. Both lost their money, James said.

The indictment says the brothers “failed to inform potential investors that there was a risk that they could lose their principle investment,” a necessary warning to ensure investors would not be misled, the indictment said.

“If you’re going to sell investment instruments in Georgia, you have to be licensed,” the DA said. Investment companies also are required to provide information on their financial health and on the performance of investments. The DA did not say whether Genesis provided balance sheets and other documents to investors.

“When people act outside of the law or act outside of regulations, these are the types of things that happen,” James said. “Folks lose money.”

Bishop Wiley Jackson Fires Sunday Best Contestant DeAngelo Levon Gardner Via E-mail And Refuses To Give Him His Final Paycheck 

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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……they say church has become big business and according to members of my Obnoxious Street Committee the saying holds true for Bishop Wiley Jackson and Gospel Tabernacle. Based upon screenshots of text messages and a e-mail DeAngelo Levon Gardner was recently terminated via e-mail by Wiley Jackson himself.

The Sunday’s Best contestant expressed his shock in a text message that Obnoxious Media has obtained. DeAngelo stated that he was not thought enough of by the bishop or his staff to get a phone call or to be called in for an exit interview. He went on to share his great sacrifice for the ministry by missing the birth of his youngest child to meet his obligation to the church.

However, that did not matter much at all to Bishop Wiley Jackson or his staff when it came to telling DeAngelo to “Hit The Road Jack!” Now if that is not enough, this guy will not even get his final paycheck. In a text message he was clearly told he was not owed any money and to not contact the person again. Cold treatment for so called church people at best.

DeAngelo there is a remedy that Bishop Wiley Jackson knows all to well–take him to court. Wiley Jackson was federally indicted and forced to pay back some money to former members that invested in a scam ran by the bishop. Hopefully they will do right by DeAngelo and at least pay him his final check for God sake. According to a recent post by DeAngelo on his Facebook page he could used the final check considering he showed he had no food in the refrigerator with a wife and two kids.
Checkout screenshots of the text messages and e-mail of DeAngelo being terminated and his response below: