Busted!  Chyna L. Davis So Called Evangelist By Day Is Actually A Man And Prostitute By Night!!!

Posted on December 29, 2016


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well, just when I thought I was going to be able to take a break for the holidays all Hell breaks out.  My Obnoxious Street Committee does not play and they are taking us to Philadelphia.  Talking about the City of Brotherly Love does not have anything on so-called Prophetess Chyna L. Davis.  According to photos someone actually consecrated this man as an Apostle.  Not sure how everyone including Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck is a Bishop and Apostle these days.

Now this story is almost like deja vu to a story reported here on Obnoxious two years ago when we discovered that a minister of music was actually a cross dressing prostitute by night.  Born Joseph Levern Brunson from South Carolina was busted for being a male prostitute.  The story is still somewhat vague, but at some point Mr. Brunson stopped hoeing and took his hustle to the church.  Since anything goes in church now it was not hard for this imposter to lie on God.  Anyone looking and him could tell he was a man, but I guess they just thought he was a ugly woman.  

All joking aside it is actually sad that church is becoming a complete mockery where this poor excuse for a drag queen would pass himself off as a female evangelist.  His of her prophetic gift did not allow him to see he was going to be exposed.  If is our understanding at Obnoxious Media that Chyna L. Davis had taken this scam to mainstream churches and was not honest and preaching at alternative places of worship.  This story would still have been just as disgusting, but a little more tolerable.  Now this MAN wants to lie on God, excuse me continue to lie on God rather then come clean.  Joseph at best is a liar no matter how he tries to twist it to make his charade legit.

From what we have been able to determine Kirby Gant busted him and exposed it on Facebook and was bold enough to tag him on the post.  At least he was honest and talked about Joseph in his or her face rather then behind his back, which is so Obnoxious of him.  One member of my Obnoxious Street Committee even said this man had the nerve to preach at Women Conferences!  Joseph when on Facebook Live mad talking about he was going to kill this spirit, but not taking responsibility for being a liar and an imposter.  He even when as far to say that he was born with male and female organs, but he was booked in jail as a man and his ID says he is a man.  Enough with the lies dude you have been busted and thought you could make more money hustling the Saints than turning tricks!