109th Holy Convocation of The  Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) Official Day Service Thoughts Just Before Elections 

Posted on November 13, 2016



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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Well it is Official Day of the 109th Holy Convocation of the Church Of God In Christ and then tomorrow night the General Assembly will meet and hear from the the candidates seeking re-election and men that want a seat on the coveted General Board.  Last week we experienced one of the biggest election upsets in the history of American History.  It remains to be seen it the same type of upset will be reflected in the the leadership of the Church Of God In Christ.

Sixteen years ago my beloved Bishop Chandler David Owens made history as the first Presiding Bishop to be unseated.  For the rest of my life I will remember the agony of that defeat.  Not one day from that one until the day he died Bishop Owens talked about the night he lost the church and all those that truned against him.  Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson, his best friend and the Godfather to his children truned against and took the church.  Well, it remains to be seen if Drew SHEARD has the power and support to unseat BLAKE!  

Perhaps it is all rumor and talk or it might be some truth to it.  The fact is we will know in just about 48 hours.  Hard to think the man that has built the largest church and jurisdiction in the history of the Church Of God In Christ might be vulnerable enough to loose an election.  Two years of a horrible attack via social media may prove to be to much to overcome and the issue at the church in LA, Pacific Mt. Olive prove to be to much to overcome.  Although, Blake won in court it has not been enough to stop his chief enemy.  Interesting enough that BLAKE has not been beloved enough by the men in his church for them to intervene on his behalf instead that have sat back and watched him be humiliated.

Bishop Joel Harley Lyles is facing some serious opposition.  Will he and his assistant Swan be removed.  Plus who is actually supplying information to fuel the social media attack?  Obnoxious knows and want you to keep reading for the great reveal soon and very soon!

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Election Day is Tuesday!  Will Hines walk on the board?  Who will get the second seat?  Will it be the Adjutant General Matthew WILLIAMS, who has unsuccessful tried twice before and lost?  Seems the church want the old men off and their being senior father’s might not be enough for Wooten and Thomas to reclaim their seats?  What members of the Trustee Borad will make it?  



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