Obnoxious Update!  Brian Carn Is Being Sued For Close To $1 Million Dollars And Had His Plane Repossessed Read Full Lawsuit Filed Against Brian Carn Now Will All Details 

Posted on October 28, 2016


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Obnoxious Update!  We first reported on this back on October 20, but a number of you questioned our integrity and said it was not true that Brian Carn’s plane was repossessed and that the lawsuit was not true.  It seems that shortly after we posted the story on Obnoxious, Brian Carn recorded a live video of him boarding a plane.  Well, it was certainly not this plane.  Read full lawsuit below:

Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Obnoxious Media has received word that a Nashville-based Business Aircraft Leasing is suing two self-proclaimed prophets for more than $716,000, saying the pair of televangelists have not paid rent on the plane and is using it for bootleg flights. 

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According to a lawsuit BALI filed in U.S. District Court this week, “internationally recognized, prophetic voice” Brian Carn of Florida and Martin Danso, a Canadian who claims a “unique prophetic gift” signed a three-year lease for a midsize business jet in September 2015. After a series of missed payments, the parties amended the lease with a new payment schedule and backed by personal guaranties of Carn and Danso

However, BALI contends in the suit that the men continue to miss payments, having skipped four monthly $18,000 payments, having paid only $20,000 of the $30,000 make-whole payment from the earlier defaults and having failed to pay $72,191.70 for engine reserves. In addition, BALI says it is owed $500 per day in late fees since March 7 and that, counter to the lease, the aircraft is subject to numerous liens.

The suit also alleges Carn and Danso and sub-lessees have been running bootleg flights with the British Aerospace jet, contrary to the lease and to FAA regulations.

Also of note are statements by Danso prophesying that he would receive for his birthday a jet that would be used to generate funds for his church. However, BALI contends in the court documents, the bootleg flights are the means by which the jet is generating money for the church.

After an extensive internal investigation and a crisscrossing chase across the eastern United States, BALI was able to recover the aircraft in Cleveland. BALI had to repossess the plane from Brian Carn after he went to Onio for one of his money grabbing services.

BALI is seeking both back rent and future rents, totaling more than $716,000, plus several items of personal property that BALI says were not returned.

For everyone that said I was lying here is a copy of the lawsuit below: