I.V. Hillard Colapses During His Conference And Had To Be Hospitalized Due To Mystery Illness

Posted on October 28, 2016



Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Obnoxious Media was informed by a member of our Obnoxious Street Committee that was less than efficient with details necessary to do and adequate report.  However, we do know that he has lost a tremendous amount of weight and is said to have collapsed during his conference a week or so ago.  It was at that time we are told some specialist was flown in to treat I.V. Hillard, but he had not been hospitalized and was going to struggle through to finish his conference.  Well struggle is exactly what it was and he eventually was admitted to the hospital.

Obnoxious Media is still working to find out just what the mystery illness is that is plaguing Hilliard and would cause him to collapse publicicly.  Hopefully his is not suffering with cancer like his colleague Bishop Eddie Lee Long.  Hilliard and his church issued a statement on his Facebook page that he had in fact been in the hospital, but is said to be on the road to recovery.  Trust that Obnoxious Media will keep you informed on the condition of I.V. Hillard