The Artist Formerly Known As Tonex Performance Stirs Controversy And Sends The Internet A Blaze

Posted on October 26, 2016


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Everything Is Going Down, But The Word Of God……Tonex or BSlade call him what you want. All you can do is stand in awe of this man’s awesome talent, which is without debate. The church especially the so called Black Church is full of a bunch of hypocritical liars. You all make patently of excuses for these low down ass lying sleaze bags you all call your pastors and bishops, but because you have a man that is brave enough to live and walk in his truth you have such a huge problem. Countless times Obnoxious Media have exposed a number of low down men that have molested children to Jamal Harrison Bryant’s bastard son to Brian Carn quoting  a witch word for word and you all still make excues for him. However, all of you sucking dick and eating ass Pineapple Juice Drinkers (Obnoxious term for on the Down Low) have a problem with the incredible performance of Anthony Williams, formaly know as Tonex because he was brave enough to be honest about the very behavior over 80% percent of the men in the Gospel Music Industy activly participate in behind closed doors.

So now you have a problem with his performance just like you have a problem with my blog and calling the fakes and phonies. The church is a joke! If it was Kirk Franklin porn loving ass it would have been okay or Wes Morgan who is an admitted dope addict that had a bastard baby by whore he left his wife for and married it would hve been alright. However, you all get so caught up over a man that is walking in his truth. It was pathetic to see social media go up in a blaze, by a number of people that have made excues for other behaviors and sins that you like.

Hats for to the Prince, Micheal Jackson, with a little of James Brown, of Gospel for his amazing performance. Stop making excuses  for the stuff and people you like and damn others to Hell that openly do things you openly condemn while privately condone and actively participate. In closing he wore a hat inside the church so what when you all have sex and do all kind of things that descrate these so call Houses of God.

Just a few days ago, The Dream Team honored Kurt Carr and Lynette Hawkins-Stephens for their contributions to gospel music. The evenings musical tribute was held at the famed Love Center Ministries (Oakland, CA), and drew artist and peers from around the country to join in the celebration. B. Slade (formerly known as Tonex) is no stranger to the Bay Area, and does not hesitate to show up and support whenever called.

The comments took off like wild-fire as his tribute selection of “There’s A War Going On” for Lynette Hawkins-Stephens began streaming online. The comments picked apart everything from attire, movement on stage, his hat, and even his presence.
He later returned to Love Center the following morning for Sunday service, admitting it was the first time he’s been in Sunday Morning Worship in 7 years.