Obnoxious Breaking News!  Rumor Bishop Eddie Lee Long Dead At 62

Posted on October 22, 2016


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Obnoxious Breaking News!  Rumors are flying all over Atlanta this morning that Bishop Eddie Long has died.  Not even a week after he declared that The Lord healed him and had a alter call for New Birth members that were in attendance and suffer with illness and pain to come down for prayer.

Five hours ago his oldest son posted a cryptic message on his social media accounts that reads…”No matter what they say about you, keep your head up!” Along with the Psalm 121. 

It is hard to believe that last week possibly would be his last time standing behind his pulpit.  An awesome blessing for the members in attendance to have gotten the final importation from their beloved leader.  

Obnoxious Media has yet to receive official confirmation, but very reliable sources close to the family and New Birth staff are saying it is true.  It was here on ObnoxiousTelevision.com blog the world learned that he was deathly ill first and confirmed by him and his staff just 48 hours later.