Posted on October 20, 2016


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Jazmine Sullivan may not fear lions, tigers, or bears, but after her latest stunt, there may be some other beasts she may want to be afraid of: her fans. Following the death of gospel singer Thomas “TC” Clay, the Grammy-nominated singer took to Facebook to post a (recently deleted) questionable eulogy, recalling unrequited love between her and the late singer, along with an attached selfie. The songstress may have thought the gesture was sweet, but fans didn’t quite agree and slammed her for it on Twitter.

“I didn’t know TC very. What I do know is I gave him my number accidentally thru a friend and he reached out consistently for a year,” Sullivan wrote in her “tribute” on Oct. 18. “I think I replied maybe 3 times but that never stopped him from writing me. He was DETERMINED lol… Just know I was your fan TC (Cuz I know u still gotta crush on me in heaven and u listening) rest in paradise!”
In a series of vicious tweets ignited on Oct. 19, fans dragged Sullivan for her poor choice of words and bad timing. “Jazmine Sullivan curved that man while he was fresh in the casket. The funny thing is the way she wrote it I think she didn’t mean harm,” one fan wrote. “Jazmine Sullivan out here friend-zoning men who are deceased? That’s a whole new kinda curve my g. Lmaooooo,” another chimed in.
Not sure why anyone is surprised by her inappropriate outburst on Social Media.  How soon we forget that she had a complete and total nervous breakdown due to being overwhelmed by her sudden success.  

Other fans paraphrased Sullivan’s post in 160 characters. “Jazmine Sullivan basically said ‘you dead but I know you still thirsty for me lol rest in power,” one person wrote.
Check out Sullivan’s recently deleted Facebook note to the late gospel singer, and see fans drag her for it in the gallery below.
Jazmine Sullivan’s “tribute” post for the recent death of a gospel singer has her in hot water with the internet.

Thomas “TC” Clay passed away on Saturday (October 15) with no cause of death yet known. For reasons unknown, Sullivan decided to make his death about her. She took to Facebook and posted in length about how TC supposedly had a crush on her. She apparently didn’t feel the same way but seemed to have so much non-feeling for him that she made the long social media post.
She ended it with a picture of herself (I know, right?) and the line, “I know you still gotta crush on me in heaven and u listening.” She also writes during her post, “I had no idea who was ‘bothering’ me until then and how dope he was,” in regards to her previous curving of him – an activity she claims she did “consistently for a year.” SMH.
Well, Twitter let her have it.

Jazmine Sullivan will go to your funeral, take a selfie w/your casket in the background & tell everyone you photobombed her,” a user wrote. “For Christmas Jazmine Sullivan sends you a picture of Jazmine Sullivan giving Jazmine Sullivan a Christmas gift,” someone else said.
Jazmine Sullivan has since deleted her Facebook post about Thomas Clay’s passing. Probably a good thing even though the interwebs have already spoken. Check out what Twitter had to say about the whole thing below.