Rumors Are Flying The Gospel Music Artist Thomas TC Clay Death Might Have Been Due To A Drug Overdose Or Suicide 

Posted on October 18, 2016


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Obnoxious Breaking News! Thomas TC Clay has died.
Unfortunate news to share as gospel singer Thomas TC Clay was found dead this weekend in his hotel room in New York by his manager.
It is sad to admit that rumors are already flying that the cause of death might have been a possible drug overdose similar to Zackery Tims, who was found dead in a New York hotel room with drugs on him.  The second theory is that he might have committed suscide due to his last cryptic post to his Facebook page.  Thomas TC Clay’s final message to his friends on Facebook stated that “Practicing what you preach is never easy” which foreshadows his death.  

The final words make you wonder what was going on with the man that seemed to finally had it all.  It was no secret that Thomas Clay’s life was full of challenges and he put his testimony into his music.  Hopefully something was not going on with him that know one knew that could have prevented his untimely death.  

Additionally, our sources at the New York Police Department did say that it was  not reported on the police blotter and no mention of his death today in any major New York News Outlets.  Sources are looking into the reports filed yesterday to see which one was concerning Thomas TC Clay being found dead.  
The cause of death is unknown, but his industry friends have taken to social media to confirm his passing. Pastor Jason Nelson, in particular, went live on Facebook to dispel rumors surrounding the sad loss.

Thomas TC Clay’s family and friends are in our prayers…

I LOVE The Most High, my son, & this Music thing!!! 

…and of course Food and Shed’s!!! LOL!!!

Read Jazmine Sullivan’s condolence she posted on Facebook to TC Clay below: